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  1. i have a consultation for needling tmw and i wanna know if the results are worth it for ice pick scars? anyone who had it done plz reply i would really appreciate ur help
  2. everyone donty waste ur money on lasers and all thar crap realistically needling is whar will improve ur scars the most by farr. needling leaves lasers in da dust for many reasons. it is not as costly less down time and better results. eveyrone who has ice pick scars boxscars or rolling scars should look intlo needling. I thinki it is the best method in producing collagen .thank me later
  3. i have a little bit of roeacea on my left cheek and i want to do a v beam. From what i heard it is really effective so i am exited. i juss want some feedbak from anyone who has gone thru the treatment and share there experiiences with me. please as i am in needd of help cuz i cant stand having this roscea. i also want to klnow if the v beam will stop the flushinhg as i flush often and i hate it to the max PLEASE GET BAK AT ME!!!
  4. well in my case microdermabrasiion works welll for me belive it or not. Im not talkin about the nutrogena one i get my done by a machine as a matter of fact i have a appointment for 1 today it is gonna be my 4rth one. Really it helped my scars alot they are alot better then from the begingin and i have ice pick scars so imcrodermabrasiion is a yes for me
  5. thanks alot for the advice man really apprecizte it im juss streesing out because i never ever thought in a millian years i would get roscea so its w/e but thanx and where can i find these v beam treatmeants?
  6. holy fukin shit. It JUST hit me. I fukin have rosecea!!!! nooooooo. After reading the symptoms and juss 1 thread on this topic i realized i experience the same exact shit. I been off accuatne for 9 months now and yes indeed it gave me reoscea. wow im so surprised im not alone.... i thought i was the only one that flushes!! omg i regret eevry day taking accutane it cleared me of acne but fukk flushing suxx so much...im so pissed right now!!! i really need help from u guys man really. Can anyone
  7. I would like to know if fraxel is worth it. My derm told me its my best shot but then again there juss after the money n are full of bull shit so if some body has experienced fraxel laser on there scars plz tell me about ur experience and results thank you
  8. hang in there buddy i was in your position but worse i know how u feel man...just gotta stay strong and optimistic. Your on the right path trust accutane cleared up my severe acne although u have to be patient this stuff ain't magic. I dropped out of school cuz of my acne so u can imagine how bad it was. I even had thoughts of suicide real talk . Thank god i had the courage to fight the acne n 1 year later today im acne free n happy so hang in there bud everyone go's threw there hard times in
  9. For those out there with all types of scars what is the best method in producing collagen in the scar area? what procedures are best recommended for raising collagen ? also which procedure is best for raising the dermis so the scar can at least be leveled the same?
  10. so what procedures r best to fill in collagen? and what exactly do u mean by '' cutting the holes out'' another question is if u look at a scar and u cant see the dermis is that a ice pick scar?
  11. i have scars on both sides of my cheeks. I was told they where ice pick scars. Ive done alot of research on treatments n i wanna know what will give me better results from fraxel laser, punch elevation, punch excision, subcision, dermabrassion and any type of fillers. I will try to ost up pics of my cheeks soon so ya any one who has done any of the above can u plz tell me how good/bad the results were so i dont have any regrets
  12. Hi eveyrone juss made this thread for those sever acne sufferes to give them some hope. I have been acne free for almost a year now. Although i am done with that nightmare im in another one ( acne scars) but ya anwyays ACCUTANE does work!!! it wil clear out ur acne no matter how severe it is . I think i had the worse acne in the world.my face was so bad i stopped going to school didnt go outside i was screwed. My face was so bad some of my pimples would ooze out large ammounts of puss( tell me b