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  1. does skind iD work? i dont really have acne but i was starting to get ome pimples, so i bought some clearasil stuff when i already had dans cleanser and neutrogena bp. but i tried clearasil and of course i broke out, and its not that bad. it got better after using dans cleanser again. But i might wanna try skin iD, does it work though?
  2. Hi guys, what would be better to use to prevent/clear pimples? Paula's choice 2% BHA gel, or neutrogena on the spot(BP). i dont have bad acne, only a couple pimples, so im not sure whats better because i barely have bad acne.
  3. Hi guys, ive read that BP can cause cancer , aging , and scarring. i think im gonna throw away my BP and buy a natural product that is like bp. Can anyone tell me a natural product thats like BP? then probably but AHA over it.
  4. hey guys, i was thinking dan can put this on his bottles. he can have it like DKR in big letters, and a nice background and then have it saying like cleanser , treatment , mouisturizer. It would probably look better. tell me what you think
  5. i ordered the cleanser the other day and i got the mouisturizer packett. its pretty decent size. i didnt use it though because im not dry. i was sordof hoping to get the BP too, but i dont really have acne/pimples, but i tend to breakout in the summer.
  6. how has dans aha works for u guys? i got it friday and it got rid of a pimple... and i only had 1,
  7. is dans cleanser good? im using the purpose gentle wash, but my skin still feels a little oily and it feel like i still have my bha gel on the night before. i wanna try it , but im only have way through my purpose wash, and i dont know if its worth spending when i only have like 1-2 pimples
  8. you're gonna cancel your vacation just because of your acne?WOW. Live your life! find something that works, try like paulas choice products..
  9. you can use it as a spot treatment or mousturizer! for a spot treatment u apply a very little dot to the zit. and for mousturizer u use it at night so u dont get burned during the day
  10. Not to be mean, but some of you people over obsess with acne.i know everyone hates it(including me) but i barely even have it maybe 1--2 pimples every so often. but you guys are over obsessing and using all these different products and using like 10 a day. stick to around 3-5 at most, and stay with it for about a month. don't spend your life with obsessing about acne, and finding all of these things to stop it! take around 1-5 minutes in the morning, and 1-10 minutes washing ur face abd putting
  11. Hi this is just a post for everyone to share their regimens their using and let us know if its work! Morning- Just wash face with purpose gentle face wash, neutrogena pore refining toner. Night- Wash face with purpose gentle cleansing bar,neutrogena pore refining toner, paula's choice 2% BHA gel, neutrogena eliminating spot gel. it has worked good. the spot gel works really good with the bha gel because bha is SA. im clear and almost have been for my whole life. but sometimes ill get a cou
  12. Has anyone used this stuff before? it's the only thing with 10% AHA i can find at my local stores. it's supposed to "lighten" skin, so im guessing it can get rid of a pimple. heres the link if u need to see it.
  13. hey guys i wanna know what you guys use for your regimen? im using morning: purpose gentle bar soap,neutrogena rapid clear spot gel or zapzyt, olay spf 15 sensitive skin night: purpose gentle bar soap, byebye blemish , neutrogena rapid clear acne defence lotion i currently ordered Paula's 2% BHA gel , so that will replace zapzyt or neutrogena rapid clear spot gel.
  14. hey guys , i have zapzyt, byebye blemish , neutrogena rapid clear acne spot gel , and neutrogena on the spot. i dont have acne. i get pimples every so often, but which spot treatment works the best/fastest? Also for night time im wondering if neutrogena rapid clear acne defence lotion would be good at preventing pimples? Or would 10% AHA be a better spot treatment? i have all of these and i dont know which 1 to use. i dont wanna try them all because i dont wanna over irritate my skin .