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  1. Hey everyone, There is a lot of talk here on the boards about what you should do to treat your skin problems. In fact there is great confusion about what causes acne, and what should be done about it. If there was one clear answer, or if a certain regimen worked, people wouldn't be here anymore. I think you shoud be very careful about what advice you choose to follow (including mine). However, I would say this; be careful about what you put on your skin (BP bleaches clothes, apple-cider-vin
  2. Sorry this belonged to the "General acne products..." forum
  3. Hey everyone, I think I might have an issue with AHA so I wanted to hear if anyone has any advice. For a few weeks now I've been using this thing by MD Formulations called "skin renewal complex" which is 14% glycolic acid. I have been putting on a thin layer every second night, as recommended by a skin physician. It's been working quite well, the red marks are slowly fading, and I haven't felt any real side effects, such as red irritated skin some may experience. What I have noticed however is
  4. Hey man, Every person is different, so I don't want to tell you what to do and what not to do, but I can tell you what worked and didn't work for me. About a year ago, I managed to completely mess up my skin by doing the Daniel Kern regimen. I saw you lived in Canada. I live in Sweden, and it's obvious that the whole acne discussion doesn't focus a lot on our climate, which is crucial to our skin. Just as much as it can be caused by hot weather, humidity, sun, oiliness etc., it can also be w
  5. I would argue that it isn't, especially not in cold weathers. The reason you would wash your face is so that it doesn't get too dirty/oily, which it is not likely to do overnight (or following day, if the climate is right).
  6. Hey everone, I've got through acne by essentially leaving it alone, washing my face with a mild cleanser twice and day and moisturizing. Before that, I was using BP which pretty much destroyed my skin. For a while I was stupid enough to use it combined with B5 vitamin pills and without moisturizer. I do, however, even if it is being used correctly, not recommend it to anyone. My issue right now is that my skin still feels incredibly dull. I've gotten help from a skin specialist with pore-clean
  7. Hey parkerD, Thanks for sharing. Although I don't have oily, but dry sensitive skin, I've found myself in the same situation, strongly feeling like the best thing would simply be not messing with the skin at all. And really that's what most of the stuff recommended against acne seems to do. Definitely giving Dr. Bronner's a try. And as you say; the dermatologists. One could wonder if most of them get their licenses in the their cereals boxes...
  8. So, now a few weeks have gone, and this is my current status: It's all cleared up. You guys out there, I want you to remember one thing: There is no such thing as one way of treating acne. It turns out that my past year of using BP, proactive, B5 vitamine etc. only helped making things worse. Why? The sensitive skin type I have, which I assume can be categorized as dry and sensitive (although it's not really as dry in the summer as in the winter), can cause acne only if it is being messed with.
  9. Hi everyone, Hope you are all enjoying the summer. I'm not. A little short story just to get my point across and to give you a picture of my skin type, if you want you can jump to the end: A little more than a year ago from now, in spring of -07, long before I knew about Daniel's Regimen, I was having mild acne. Looking back at pictures from then, I don't know how I could even bother worrying about it, because it really wasn't anything more than a few occasional whitheads. But I started usin