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  1. Judging from your response, my pictures are highly misleading so I removed them. Trust me. My face was BEYOND RED and BLEEDING from all over. My skin is as fair as Nicole Kidman and after Fraxel I look like a tomato. There is no way your face was redder than mine when you said you were "pink" post Fraxel and I was bleeding for two days.
  2. Hi MrObi. You asked how I bad looked after high-energy Fraxel treatments, in my guest book. I hope these pictures are helpful. Before the Fraxel: One day after the high-energy Fraxel treatment: I am obviously covering my eyes for privacy, but my eyes are barely open because of the swelling. Think post-fight Mike Tyson. My husband jokingly calls me "Sharpei", the dag, during the recovery period. The extreme swelling goes down after about 4-5 days and I can look decent on 7th day with makeu
  3. Hi Syn1122, I've read all of the emails you sent to the clinic and also saw your before/after pictures. I am sorry that you're angry and sad about the result of your second Fraxel. However, your emails sound confusing and at time a little threatening. You accuse the clinic of destroying your skin- yet your skin in "after Fraxel#2" pictures seems exactly the same from your "after Fraxel#1" pictures. That's confusing. Whether or not those pictures accurately describe the states of your skin be
  4. Sorry, I have disabled my PMs and I cannot send or receive any PMs. Too many problems with PMs.

  5. Belly Dance....could you share with me your email? I hope you can share a pic on your higher level treatments....

    PM me please :)

  6. Hi. I've been checking in every once in a while. I am a fair-skinned Asian, and I did not experience hyperpigmentation with the very high settings (please see my signature). One thing I noticed looking at your signature was that you were pink after three days of each treatment. For me, I was in a nowhere near "pink" situation. My face was swelling so bad for at least 5 days after each treatment with the highest MJ that I wish I had enough words to explain how horrible I looked. My eyes w
  7. That's what I am thinking. I am one of the posters who's happy with the results from Fraxel Restore. I've mentioned over and over how happy I was and posted detailed progress pictures. :eh:
  8. Got your address. You should delete it now. I'll email you the pics.
  9. I've always stated in this forum that I've had good results with my first 5 Fraxels, with approximately 35% improvement. In fact, I was completely happy with my first 5 Fraxels UNTIL I saw what the maximum energy level could do to my skin with my 6th, 7th and 8th Fraxels. Only then I realized wow, I hope I had tried the max energy earlier so that I could have saved my money, energy, and days off from work. So yes, I've had good improvements from my first 5 Fraxels with medium settings. Howev
  10. Sure, I will take a few pics and email them to you. Do you mind posting your address here? I have disabled PM.
  11. Hi swtjessy23, my apologies for the late reply. I've been out of country for a while. I personally wouldn't fly to go see Dr. Rokhsar if I were living on the west coast. Remember, you'll need at least 5 Fraxels, spaced between each month. That means, you'll have to fly every month and stay in NY at least for 5 days to look half decent. That'll cost you more than $2000 for each trip!! I believe there are some experienced doctors in the west coast. Look for ones that are used to treating
  12. I'm guessing he went to Stonybrook for Pre-Med and SUNY Upstate for Medical. We Asians sure know our colleges! (falls into stereotype ) Haha, you're funny. He got in but didn't go there.
  13. Yep, there is a strong correlation, simply because the deeper and broader the laser covers, the more swelling it will be. With 70MJ, I looked CRAP! No joke. With 45MJ & Treatment Level 6, I could start wearing makeup on my 3rd or 4th day with minimum redness, but with 70MJ & Treatment Level 11, there was NO way I could even wear makeup, wash face, touch face, or go outside for 5-6 days. My eyes looked like a boxer after the match. I always needed to take a week off from work with 70MJ &a
  14. Hey, you won't be going back to your office after you get your Fraxel done, will you? Because even with 45MJ, my face looked soooooooo red and pretty swollen right after the procedure. Can't even begin taking about how I looked with 70MJ. I didn't look human for at least 4 days. My hubby called me sharpei, the dog, during the 4 days because my eyes didn't open and my face line completely changed due to swelling. There is NO way you can go back to work the same day, even with 35MJ. Just wante
  15. Hey, I know exactly what you're saying. I feel weird about requesting the energy settings and pass #s when they're the doctors and I'm the patient who (I feel) should be listening to the doctors. But then my husband (who is a surgeon) told me that as a patient who pays hundreds and thousands of dollars, we're 100% entitled to ask for what we want and it's the job of doctors to make the patients satisfied and happy. Any good doctors should be listening to patients attentively and would listen