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  1. i stopped masturbating to porn for two weeks and my face cleared up alot but i had to stop a whole month for it to actually work i kept getting cystic acne, and after a month i realized it only happened when i watch porn not actual sex or masturbating without porn but ive basically stopped doing it all together, or tryin too
  2. i did this for about two weeks and noticed no more cystic acne and then i did it once while watching porn and what do u know i got a pimple u have to stop for one whole month and just basically limit how much u do it, i found mine only do it when i watch porn lol
  3. ive been having someone the same problem and about a month ago i started breakin out and was basically constipated like everyday and its horrible, i can go but it does look rite or not much come out and i just did a liver cleanse and i found gallstones, today so in a weed or so ill tell you if it gets better . but mybe u might have the same problem
  4. i think im having the same problem for about a month im having trouble going to bathroom which i usually do but its either hard or runy or just not normal, or bloating or whatever and since then i brokeout horrible and then slowly calmed down but still breakin out and ive just started taking garlic with digestive enzymes for about 2 weeks and helps but like one day its great then next day back to normal, i need some advice also on what enzymes to take cuz i know my stomach or whatever is cuasein
  5. when i was 100 percent clear which was a year or two ago i exercised everyday, never masturbated which i found out after school made me get cystic acne, i pretty much ate everything i ever wanted, but i agree if ur body is healthy your skin should be also, but everyones body is different so things that work for others, dont work for some people
  6. for some people yes it can, i know in my case it was giving me cystic acne and nothing ever worked to get rid of it and i stopped for two weeks clearest my face has ever been, and its now been one month and only done it once, but for some reason, it seems like if i dont watch porn i dont break out , but ive quit doing it basically, but yes it too much masturbating cuases a surge of hormones in the body if ur still young or well still developing. you should stop for one whole month
  7. have u tried any cleanses for ur body mybe u have a parasite or something is wrong to start making u break out,
  8. wow no it does not turn the muscle into fat, unless u never eat, which im doubt u, but you will not get stronger as long as u do the excessive cardio, i was lifting wieghts while i was in wrestling, and my lifting strength went down 50%, so just choose one or do light cardio, but lifting i thing is stupid and does build real muscle, plus lifting weights has nothing to do with figthing, so just lift all day long if u want to lol
  9. sounds like u could have either a fissure or tear in the anus or possibly internal bleeding, id def go see a doctor
  10. i know in my case yes, it did, constant masturbation anyways, it gave me cystic acne and i stopped doing it now and i no longer have cystic acne, constant masturbation, FOR SOME PEOPLE, cuases a surge of hormones in the body and therefor cant handle all the hormones being released so in turn, cuases our body to produce more oil,
  11. finally someone who knows what there talkin about i stopped masturbating and saw great results no more cystic acne, but all of a sudden started getting small pimples which never had and well ive been eating and drinking things with alot of sugar and basically not good for u so i agree with you 100 percent
  12. ive been using fruit of the earth 100% aloe vera gel and works amazing for red marks and scars and helps with pimples but if ur like me and ur skin likes to purge then this will bring up whatever is underneath ur skin, so now i have like a few red bumps that dont seem to ever go away and dont know what to do
  13. ive stopped masturbating for a bout almost two weeks and my face has cleared up more than it ever has but im also taking fish oil pills, i never had acne or a blemish in school, and i never masturbated then either till i got out of school, so i do believe it has to do with hormones and what not if that is what is causing ur acne
  14. i havnt mixed emu oil but i am using fruit of the earth aloe vera gel for not even a week left and some of my scars are fading but its not a real moisturizer so i would mix them if i were you
  15. omg the taste is horrible makes me feel like throwing up i just tried it but im gonna keep doing it