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  1. Chuck, Maybe you can imply that you like her: Something like tell her for example "I like this girl that I met (it's not any one you know) and I don't know whether to tell her because we're just friends and she's hot!" If she likes you it'll drive her crazy to find out if you really do mean her and if she's thinking "Gee, I hope this dude's not talkin' about me cuz we're friends and I have a man!" you'll be able to tell that too. If she does have a boyfriend in the city, she sure is flirting
  2. Chuck, This girl sounds like a beautiful person and you being 20 years old are very mature(most guys would have tried to cop a feel by now). She definitely is flirting with you by grabbing your knee--trust me I know-- this doesn't mean she wants anything to happen at that point but is telling you that you are sexually atttractive at that moment and make her feel attractive too. Stay friends and let her make the first move. Until then, enjoy her sunshine. Good luck with this princess.
  3. No, not with a toothpick--you can damage your skin. I call the Instant Perfector "Silly Putty" because it is kind of like a compound that I use to fill in the crevices. It has silicone and the consistency of thick cream, but matte. You just dot it into your pores/dents and it fills into them, creating the illusion of an even surface. I definitely don't have enlarged pores because they aren't clogged(I use BHA, retinol & BHA peels.) I consider them small icepicks because one of them has an
  4. My icepicks are pretty small--about the size of a pinhead, so I don't know if it would work for big dents, but even on my larger rolling scars--(two pinheads' worth), it fills them in and makes me look so much better. I agree-try Ebay or clinique.com. Make sure you buy the Instant Perfector and not the other pore-minimizing stuff.
  5. Just wanted to share. On a bad pore day, clinique Pore minimizing Instant Perfector camoflauges my icepicks. It has some sort of silicone which makes them even with my skin and 80-99% smaller. I just love it. It' s okay on small rolling scars too BTW. Traditional makeup makes them look like craters, but this stuff works! -Adia
  6. Did a TCA cross with 50% about 3 weeks ago. I am starting to use retin-a to additionally stimulate the collagen. I used on two rolling scars right next to each other and three icepicks, very tiny. All seemed to look worse the first week after the scabs fell off. Now they look about the same as they did before, except 1 whose borders look softer. Placebo effect? I know it takes a while too see the collagen fill them in so maybe in 45 days they will be more filled in. I'm crossing my finge
  7. Hi all. I just wanted to tell people to be careful when using glycolic acid. Maybe there should be a section on warnings for different treatments on this board? I have spot-treated with TCA which neutralizes itself and have had no problem. I have also used a light lactic acid peel. That went fine. When I used the 30% glycolic acid on my face, it just irritated it, itched a whole lot and didn't do much. Then I tried it on my upper back which is thicker, tougher (about a square inch) where I
  8. Thanks Smiling eyes. I will pass on the peels for a while. Brina, I am sorry that the treatments did not work. That really stinks. Maybe the docs can give you a free 6th treatment sice you saw no real improvement. I would propose this to them. What is your skin like and what setting did they use on you? While I am only doing partial treatments, I am still shelling out serious dough and therefore hope that this works.
  9. Hi all. Well, I had my second smoothbeam 2 day ago with Dr. Del Campo. So far, haven't seen much improvement. Still break out. Maybe my skin is kinda thick. I used a setting of 14 this time. My 2 tiny icepicks seem a bit improved but that might be swelling. Peeve: My technician Anna had me waiting like an hour after my confirmed appointment because she apparently does not check the schedule. Is there any other place in Chicago that does Smoothbeam? She did this the 1st time also (Check my
  10. I had my 1st session with Smoothbeam at Dr. del Campo's in Chicago on the week of July 9th. I did it mainly to control mild acne and two rolling scars on my right cheek. I have 2 small icepicks there too but I assume they will not be helped much so I plan to see a doc in LA for a TCA cross at a later time. I have not noticed anything yet, but I see that this is normal. I went on a really busy day so everyone seemed quite rushed(HI, I am here for my app! ) :smile: but I understand those things