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  1. 4 Weeks I feel dreadful. There has been no improvement and its been a month. I decided to post some pics to see if anyone had some advice for me... WARNING they are too gross and makeup free. Sorry 4 weeks ago - only affects my cheeks and chin / basically my forehead is clear... Today... Does anyone have any advice? I am following Dan`s regimen closely. I use 2 pumps of BP at night and 1 pump in the morning because my skin tends to be dry. I also use Dan`s cleanser and moisturiser. Hel
  2. It`s almost been 4 weeks since I started Dan`s regimen and although I am yet to see the results I want, I will keep sticking at it. I also started drinking probiotic drinks (2x a day) yesterday as I have been doing some research on Candida and acne. Thought it couldn`t hurt. Candida symptoms: * Acne, eczema, rashes, itchy skin, easy bruising, a sense of skin crawling. * Constipation and/or diarrhoea, often misdiagnosed as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), abdominal pain, back pain.
  3. Yah everyone here is so beautiful >.< It makes me really depressed sometimes. I get my Mom to send me vitamins from Canada. I'm taking so many right now, but my skin is clearing up!

  4. Hi! I am in japan too, in osaka and working for an english school. I find it hard here to deal with acne cos all the girls here are so beautiful and/or know how to wear makeup really well to cover it up. What brand of vitamins do you use? Do you get them here in japan? I saw your pics and I think you are so cute, don`t worry about your skin too much. p.s. your bf is cute too, I have a japanese

  5. Noticed you lived in Japan too :) I'm up north in Iwate, teaching English. What are you up to here?

  6. 3 weeks Well I have been sticking at Dan`s regimen for 3 weeks now and haven`t seen any big changes I am using one full pump of BP in the morning and evening and my face is really red and flaky. It looks like I am really sunburnt as well as covered in bumps... The area around my jawline and chin is the worst. There are also lots of bumps on my cheeks. My forehead is pretty much clear, which is nice I suppose. I am getting a bit depressed after reading all the success stories on this site..
  7. Don't be afraid of my post. It was all in good cause. Sometimes you have to come across. I wrote a follow up to that post to explain things more clear.

  8. Hey, I've been wondering how you been doing. You got to check out my new post, and don't let 1/10 of this happen to you.

  9. 1 week Well, 1 week has passed since I started using Dan`s regimen. I have only been using the BP at night, and the cleanser and moisturiser both morning and night. Today I used the BP in the morning for the first time, and hope to see some improvements. I don`t have much new acne, but ALL the old ones are coming out with a vengeance I know that this regimen isn`t a miracle or anything, but I guess I was hoping for more dramatic results. Still, I don`t plan on giving up and will keep at it
  10. Thanks, it sounds interesting and I want to try it. There is some more information here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Houttuynia It is known as the beverage dokudami cha (Japanese: ドクダミ茶); literally "Houttuynia cordata tea" in Japan.
  11. Day 4 Well, I guess it`s the beginning of the `It gets worse before it gets better` stage. There are lots of little whiteheads all over my face today - even on my forehead - where I don`t usually break out - ewwwwww! I promised myself I wouldn`t get discouraged... So... Thinking positive! Thanks for all the support guys. It means a lot.
  12. Hi again, Well, I am on day 3 of Dan`s regimen and already feeling a little better. There are no new spots on my face - that`s new, and the other ones are getting smaller!! I told one of my totally clear-skinned friends about the regimen and she was supportive! I have never really been so positive about skin care before, so I really hope it all works out for me. I`ll post again in a few days - hopefully it`s still all going well!! Take care everyone! xx
  13. Hey there, good luck! I am only on my 3rd day of Dan`s regimen, but I like it already. It`s not a miracle cream or anything, but it feels good to be taking regular care of my skin. I think that you have to be in a good frame of mind, so keep positive!!
  14. OK here goes...!! I am super excited , just got home from the crappiest day at work, and the worst skin day ever (well, no, that`s every day recently) to find Dan`s regime in my mailbox! YAY! So I ran to the bathroom to wash my face and get started, and the lightbulb in the bathroom blew when I switched it on. I`m not really superstitious, but hope that`s not a bad sign. Anyway, re-watched the application videos (what I dork I am) to make sure I did everything right, and think it went ok.
  15. Hi, I just ordered Dan`s products too, so I hope that my results are as good as yours! Thanks for the great posts - and thanks for putting pictures too. Good luck with your skin