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  1. I think that many times, when things work, people forget to come back and write about the success. I started on Dan's products about 6 months ago, and they've completely changed my skin. I'm 38 and I've been dealing with acne since I was 13 -- yes, that 25 years of this stuff!!! Anyway, when I started the Regimen, I followed it faithfully. I went throught the red, super-sensitive face that felt raw for the first week or two. I didn't really have an IBO like many people talk about, and my face
  2. Your skin looks like it is really responding well to the accutane. I think you're going to have great skin when it's all said and done. The red marks are really fading, but you're right -- time is the best medicine for the red marks. And staying out of the sun. Best of luck!
  3. Hello, let's not forget that most people's acne doesn't magically go away during the months of January, February, and March, when many people are indoors for months at a time. I know around here, I don't see the sun for literally months, and my acne does not go away.
  4. Well, Mike, I have the exact same complaint. I feel like the moisturizer makes my face feel hot and tingly also. I've been on the Regimen for about 2 weeks, so maybe I'm still just getting used to the the whole thing, but today I had a derm appointment (I actually made the derm appointment at the same time that I found this website and started using the Regimen). Well, the dermatologist takes one look at my face and says "you have rosacea". I was like "what? No way." Anyway, I hope that he's m
  5. I thought I was the only one blowdrying my face! LOL Hey, a girl's gotta do whatta girl's gotta do. ;-)
  6. I'm no expert, but i would think anything with the word "scrub" in it is a bad thing. If it has anything that feels gritty in it, I wouldn't use it. I am in the same boat because I had just purchased a few bottles of stuff that has gritty sand stuff in it (and Salycilic acid) and I can't use it either. I don't care. I'd rather throw that crap away than deal with the breakouts I was having before starting the Regimen. Good luck!
  7. Oh, another question: Have you tried Dan's Regimen? I've been doing it for 2 weeks now and I LOVE it! My skin hasn't been this clear since I was 11! It seems so simple, yet it makes such a big difference. I was already on BP, but it still wasn't working. Something about putting a lot on all over your face seems to be the difference. I wish I had been doing this for years!
  8. BTW - I feel like I should clarify. Your skin is not that bad, in answer to your original question. The issue is - how do you feel about it?? If you're not comfortable with it, do what you have to do to get it fixed if you can. Accutane will probably take care of you completely and you won't be nearly as scarred as many people are. In today's society, the pressure to have perfect skin is so great. But just like the perfect body is probably unattainable for 99% of all people, perfect skin is
  9. I got to see the pictures and I think you're adorable! (Okay, I'm 37 and you're closer to my son's age than my own) Anyway, you look like a prime candidate for accutane. Your skin is about as bad as mine was when I was 25 and I went on accutane. It's a kick-ass drug in both good and bad ways. It will kick your acne's ass, but unfortunately it will kick yours too! Accutane was really hard on me, but it got me to a whole new level of clear. I don't regret it at all. I still battle with acne, but
  10. Have you tried Dan's regimen? I'm a relative newby here (been stalking the site for about 2 weeks), and I started the regimen last week and I really do see an improvement. Now, my skin isn't super terrible, but I've been battling this crap for 25 years! I'm 37, I shouldn't be dealing with this, right? I started with Retin-A and antibiodics in the 80's (when half of the people on this site were in diapers or not even born yet!), moved to Accutane in 1995 (which made a HUGE improvement), but I'
  11. You are an awesome person!! I've just read through your entire blog in one sitting! I love your spirit, your fight, and your sense of humor. Keep the posts coming!