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  1. Have made changes to my diet for the past week but not seeing much change. Never drank soda, never had anything with sugar like cake, cookies, no caffeine like coffee, etc. Only drink water and eat pretty healthy. I have limited how much gluten I eat greatly (probably just one roll a day for a sandwich for lunch) and have changed my diet. I used to eat like 6-7 slices of bread at least a day (my metabolism is high so I dont gain any weight) - 5'11 and 140lbs, 22 yrs old. So I want to start w
  2. Thanks What is ezekiel bread? Can I get something like that at Wegmans and does just say Ezekiel bread? Thanks!
  3. Are whole wheat things good or bad for acne? Like whole wheat pasta or whole wheat bread, etc. Im not sure if I should be having whole wheat or regular. I hear things about wheat gluten or regular gluten and am just looking for some insight. Thanks!
  4. Thanks a lot, I have been on Differin-Duac for a few years now. I havent been eating any bad foods (no sweets, no soda). All I drink is water, but why do you say not bottled? I consider myself to eat pretty healthy, so I wanted to see what type of products to take. I have read about some others logs, but I just dont know where to start and what to take/what is safe, etc...
  5. Bringing up an old thread here, but have been researching and are there zinc pills? And where can I buy these pills and other natural products? Thanks
  6. Im looking to go the natural way after having acne for 4 years and going on topicals, antibiotics, and accutane. It has calmed down from what i was 4 years ago but it improved a bit because of the accutane but then it hit a stand still. Now the past 6 months of so with the majority of my breakouts coming around my lips. My face also is red which is likely from the topicals I use. So I am looking to go a different route and see where I can start going the "natural way." For those on the same pat
  7. Hi all, I am 21 years old and have been dealing with acne since I was 17 years old. All of a sudden, my face blew up and i had really bad acne on my cheeks. I went to a dermatologist and she tried throwing some facial creams at me but didn't work so I went to another derm. He did a few topicals and antibiotics on me, but didn't work. So a year later I went on accutane (didn't know all of the risks, but I couldnt live the way I was so probably would have done it anyway). I was on it for 5 months,
  8. Any info on this? A few people mentioned this to me and I am currently on topicals like Differin and Duac. I am considering taking it and have asked my dermatolgist and he says its all just "witchcraft" so he is no help. But I want to try something different since I have used a lot of stuff in the past. So I am asking anyone here if I can use this with the topicals and if it has any effect on anything? Also, has anyone used it? Thanks
  9. Hey I have taken the advice of switching razors, but I still get some pimples above my lip. Any other cure for it in case its not the shaving since I dont really shave every day? Thanks...
  10. What can I use as shaving cream? What kind of soothing soaps? Thanks
  11. Thanks, anyone else with any experiences? Like I said, they are just like small red bumps, with maybe one inflamed one, but nothing with a head. Still are annoying tho... Anyone know?
  12. Also, what kind of shaving cream should I use since I will switch to a regular razor?
  13. Thanks, anyone else with any experiences? Like I said, they are just like small red bumps, with maybe one inflamed one, but nothing with a head. Still are annoying tho...
  14. Thanks for the replies, I am male and I think it is from shaving too. I use an automatic razor since I dont have much to shave there, but it is a decent amount that I have to clean up. Any tips? Thanks. Also, what do I medicate them with. From past experiecnes, when I would put Retin-A on them, the it would make me break out around that area. So I can try Duac? Also, they are not pimples that I could pop, and I wouldnt anyway. They are just annoying red pimples/bumps.