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  1. Thanks for the quick response Sam, I will def. see a dermatologist before having the treatmenent done
  2. hey Sam, I was wondering if TCA cross is safe to be done on african skin? I have a medium brown complextion and as I can see from your pics u have an olive complextion. pls let me know, thanks.
  3. they look more like rolling scars, Rolling scars create a wave-like appearance on the skin's surface due to their wide and shallow depth. I have a few on my cheek as well. I was told by my dermatologist that I should have fraxel laser done, but its expensive
  4. You have to give you skin more time to heal before rolling again, I use a dermastamp and its suggested I roll every 6-8 weeks I have been using a 1.0mm dermastamp for 3months and I dont see much of an improvement either. I have dark skin and dont have many options when it comes to scar treatments. I have looked into TCA cross the results of this treatment seem great, but its not safe to do on my skin type. But you should look into it. Goodluck
  5. i think i have the same problem but my skin isnt red, when my skin gets oily the pores on my cheek where my scars are ienlarge and become visible, its the weirdest thing. Im very dissapointed that the scaring is still visible and am looking into possibly gettinbg microdermabrasion done, but im still greatful that I no longer have cystic acne.
  6. Thanks for the advice, I went to go and see my dermatologist and he advices me that fasting would be safe so I tried fasting for one day and felt extremely weak and dehydrated so I decided to make a personal choice and decided it wasn't a good idea.
  7. Hello, I am muslim and it is our holly month of ramadan where we fast from sunrise to sunset. I know the dangers of being dehydrated on this drug and all its major side effects do you think its safe to fast.
  8. Why dont you try and see a dermatologist, it was the best thing i have ever done your going to need professional help and experimenting with different regimes is not a good option, you might make the problem worse. And if you acne looks infected you may need to be on some sort of oral antibiotic.
  9. I used mac studio fix in the past and i stopped using it cause i broke out badly so i just switch to makeup forever cause its oil free and somewhat similar to mac. And its probably making you break out cause its not oil free and probably clogging ur pores
  10. Is it okay if I drink the tea while on accutane
  11. its because you skin gets worse before it gets better the medication forces everything out and it shou be a couple of weeks up to a month before you see some improment. I have been on accutane for a little over 2weeks and my skin looks even worse then i started out but we gotta be patient.
  12. my skin gets really itchy too, i know its not cause my skin is dry cause i have very oily skin. I know this may sound really crazy but I take anti-histamines when my skin is itchy
  13. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what type of lipton tea contains rooibos, do all of them contain rooibos or is it a particular one?
  14. i have also tried everything including proactive and dr.murad nothing worked for me. The best advice I could give you is that you should see a dermatologist instead of I like to call it experimenting because you could actually cause more damage (such as irritation). I wish you all the best.