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  1. tats wat i wanna know too..... today my doc told me not to pop my pimples, BUT the last time I didnt pop a group of pimples on my forehead, It turned in to a F*** CYST ....if the stuff is gunna come out anyway, y dont u just do it your self
  2. red marks fade but as long as you break out theres gunna be redmarks, try bio oil, if bio oil breaks you out....then I dunno, Bio doesnt break me out thou
  3. It MIGHT just be tat ur allergic to an ingredient in the product
  4. I went to my doc today and he told me my acne wasnt that bad....I had one cyst between my eyes and the rest of the face look fine. Lately Ive been having cyst all over the place and I dont think my doc realize the severity and pain when my skin erupted few weeks ago. He told me my skin was fine and gace me 10% benzyl peroxide and Clindamycin. I am thinking tat its just the same as any other ive used. Retin-a, differin, benzacline, all gave me red, peeling, tight skin. I fear topical now, I asked
  5. You know your acne is bad when your posting in this post......
  6. but if you DO use force to counter their ignorance especially at school then wont you be looked as the one with no self control? 2 wrongs make a rite cuz 2 negative makes a positve :] hahahaha......tat was a joke Have you ever wondered, if con is the opposite of pro then is congress the opposite of progress? OOOOoooo~~~ what did I just say!
  7. -_- -sigh- just to day at school one the guy who sits next to me in chinese class asked me "do you wash your face?" I srsly just wanted to punch his face. He had really dry lips, I was bout to tell him to get his f**in lips checked cuz it looked like....tats when i lost my train of thought. and before English class a dude a knew called me poop face, I shoved him and told him Ill pop his tires [he drives, iam not really gunna pop his tires........for now] If you guys see a dude on the news for po
  8. when you grow out of acne, is your skin still oily?
  9. Lately ive been thinkin, acne is HORRIBLE but yet in some ways it helps us grow stronger emotionally and healthier if you tired the holistic way. One day the jerks who makes comment on ppl's acne will get some kind of acne or get get sever acne, then you can just go up to them with your clear skin now that you found a solid regime or you grew out of it, and say "Remeb how you said blah, blah, blah? you should try it it Just might work" Or "your not even worth it....-COUGH-KARMA-COUGH-" or "How y
  10. doc gave me Avelox for my acne....... wats Avelox? I searched up that it had something to do with the respiratory system. Can someone please tell me the details about this Avelox?
  11. This is the right place to vent :] I am glade we have this site things may be in a bad situation but some times when everything unfolds, it may turn out just fine or even better hope your skin looks gorgeous to the best-est-est-est-est on the day of your company mtg and stay strong!
  12. you dont have to make it like you're "approaching" a grl to GAIN something, such as reaction, her, self esteem boost ect. If just be casual and be a fun guy then you just gotta spend more time with her to get her to be ur gf if that is what you want. you shouldnt fear rejection, after all failure is what makes us learn and do better the next time around. if you dont want to go up to her and cuz of the fear of rejection then you could pull her in the conversation while talking to someone else and
  13. y is it that when ever I think my acne is gettin "LIL" better either my mom or some one else will come up to me and tell me its bad and get make me rethink my self. its like God is playin a trick on me......wats up with that
  14. Thanks for the support guys! :] devendralover - I am using cetaphil wash with bio oil and 2% SA spot treatment as of now. Ive used many prescription medication both oral and topical, and over counter products. The regime now is just something simple that i made up when i gave up on trying :[ WallyP - wat u said was soooo tru! how was those myths made up any ways. dont u you really feel like shaking some sense into the ppl who dont understand with absolutely perfect skin? Siouxsie - when yo
  15. i heard spiro is really good and many grls had good results with it, I cant tell you my experience cuz i am a guy hope for the bestest-est-est-est results thou how long does a derm appointment take to get? I am a new patient too and they called and say March was available.... does it REALLY take tat long to get one appointment?........ :[