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  1. Sorry but I see that commercial and laugh I think of 13 year old girls using it in other ways. You can get the same thing with a facial loofa. They got ya!!!!
  2. My price is without insurance. I shopped every pharm. And target is about 60 dollars cheaper. I pay 60 for doc. visit 100 for labs and 260 for 60 40mg (2 boxes). Sotret is 226 for one box at alot of places. So just shop around it's worth it if your paying out of pocket. It hurts my pocket but i wanted this for a long time.
  3. You should be able to take your medical records with you to Florida. Find a derm. and take your medical records. The new doc. can continue your treatment. I just bought 2 boxes of 40mg from a target store for 260.00 of Sotret. And the only other thing is the ipledge I don't know if you have to do that where you live. But you have to here.
  4. Talk to your derm. There are products that I have to use. I have a foam moose one and use it 3 days in a row and get cleared up right away. And use it when it comes back.
  5. I have acne pregnant or not and when I found out i was pregnant a year ago I had a appt. the next day after finding out. He prescribed me some products that helped through my pregnancy. But never completely healed it. So after the baby he said I could take acutane and it's clearing me. Your pregnat you have an excuse to be bitchy, fat and whatever you want your pregnant. Try not to let your skin bother you. Deal with it when it's over. It's hard but try to enjoy what you can.
  6. When I go out of town or at someone else's house I don't pick but when I'm at home I feel like a meth head with nothing better to do. I have cut my nails to the shortest but I do have long nail beds so there is always something there to use to pick. And when I don't pick my skin looks so much better. It suxs I wish I could stop.
  7. Well I had mod. acne from the age of 10 till 21 when I had my first kid. After kids and no birth control I got cystic acne all over my face arms and back. I knew it would never get better. And no one in my family has it like me. So now that I'm almost 30. And have a 8 year old boy and a 4 month old girl it was time for me to do something. So I chose Acutane. My acne never changed through my pregnancies and even when I would do birth control. So I sweated it all out till I had my second child. Ev
  8. Thank you for responding. I just got bumped up on my dosage from 40 to 40 one day and 80 the next. My doctor would of giving me 60 each day but since I'm paying out of pocket he did it this way for me to save money. My IB has been mostly on my dark side. I think because I run and the friction is causing big cyst. But as nasty as that is I'm glad their aren't any popping up on my face or neck just a few old ones trying to heal. Now I'm waiting for all the little bastard zits all over my arms che
  9. I just got back from the beach a week ago and have been on accutane for a month. I got a big brimmed fishing hat, aveeno baby block, since alot of things have been burning my skin, and bed bath and beyond had a sun tent 4 20 bucks which shaded me more than a umbrella. I stayed in the water alot and never got burned. I tanned nicely. So good luck oh yea I'm on 40mg a day
  10. That is 2 different people. Look it's obviously a guy and a girl. Is one suppose to be the bf.
  11. Does anyone know what it feels like to never wear a tank top in your mid teens or adulthood
  12. I have scars all over has annyone done laser or chemical peels. I want to wear a tank top for once in my life.