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  1. I wasn't using any other treatments at the time so I decided to give this stuff a try. I thought "maybe i'm not cleaning my face enough". But after less than a week my face started being real sensitive, turning glossy and red, and it actually really sucked. I didn't think you could use that stuff wrong.

    I was just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience using this stuff?

  2. I am going to start out using the Acne.org Products very soon. I might try and take some photos monthly (mabye weekly, but not likely). I took some pictures with my webcam. I'm not sure if its what your looking for. But if this stuff really works for me I would be happy to have my results used for examples. Thats if it works. . .


    But I might not have the "model" face when i'm done. I'm not that great looking to begin with either.





  3. When I was using Retin-A-Micro, I was told to take a shower so the pores on my face would open. Then to apply the medication and that was it. Now don't take my word for it but thats what I was instructed to do. I don't have that great of advice anyways since it never worked for me.