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  1. Day 79 Update: It seems alot has been starting to change lately. As of right now, and all this week actually.. my face has no actives whatsoever. I mean, there are tiny little bumps that come up and go away quickly, but thats been all. My face is starting to look really, really clear. I keep looking at it with amazement. It seems to be happening all at once. Has anyone else experienced this? No cystic acne at all the last couple of months, just minor/moderate white heads and now even the
  2. Day 76 Update: Well, it seems things are starting to change. I dont want to get overly excited just yet.. but my face is really starting to clear. Like Ive said previously.. I dont buy it yet. One weird thing happened the other day that I forgot to touch on. I walked into work and I have this routine that I always go to the bathroom when I first get there just to see how I look. So I can go in.. look and go back out to work. Everything was normal, or as normal as possible. Now I drink w
  3. Day 74 Update: My face, seemingly, is really starting to clear up. But I dont really buy it yet. I currently have no actives on my face just stuff healing up and scabbing over. Starting tomorrow, Monday, Im going to start keeping count of any significant actives I get. Should be interesting. One thing I did start this week was drink a ridiculous amount of water. I thought I was drinking enough before but I noticed I started to get some really crappy pain all over my body after waking up o
  4. Day 69 Update: Well, Ive started to notice a few things. I am getting some minor breakouts on my face but no new really annoying cystic acne. The only issue is, when I do get a minor whitehead, it just gets so red and annoying, even though its really nothing. Goddamn this redness!! its so annoying, and the healing is sooooo slow. So basically im just dealing with minor outbreaks and redness. But back to the interesting thing that ive noticed... i used to break out on my forehead, sometime
  5. Day 62 Update: Sorry very bored at work so I figure I would update again. I will look into those facial peels. Im going to give it a few months though and see how much they fade. From what I can tell alot of the redness disappears once you go off of the medicine, so we will see. Anyways, I go to my doctors appointment tomorrow but we will have to see what he says. I shaved yesterday so of course, as usual, I had two whiteheads when I woke up this morning. I have to ask the doctor about th
  6. Day 61 Update: Well just about to finish up 2 months. Things starting to improve... slowly. My face is starting to clear up a bit. I havent had any cystic acne on my face in well over a month, just little minor flare ups and some whiteheads. Only issue is waiting for my old breakouts to fade away. Its highly annoying. Some of it goes away quickly, other areas just seem like they sit. Anyone have any good ideas on how to help the process? Besides surgery, that is. :< Thank god i have
  7. Day 40 Update: Well, my shoulders and back were starting to clear up. Lots of redness but no actives and as soon as I started thinking.. wow, look how clear.. i get another breakout. lol, kinda funny. Its a small one, but still. Face is coming along ok I guess. Still have some actives.. one on the right side of my face really hurts so hopefully it goes away quickly. I actually thought I was going to have my first bloody nose yesterday.. I went to go blow my nose and I noticed some blood bu
  8. Day 33 Update: Sorry. Computer died and couldnt get online for a bit but im back now. Anyways, just a short update for now. On my way to my derm appt in a few minutes. Things have been pretty good. Going through my IB now, I take it. A few days ago my face looked so bad. It hasnt looked that terrible in the last ten years. However, it seems to be getting better. My shoulders are looking really good. The left side has no actives at all and healing up nicely. Right side and back has a f
  9. Day 14 Update: 2 weeks in! Im not sure if this is my IB or not. But something is going on. Im extremely dry all over. Itching and all that. But back to that IB, its kinda odd. Its like my face wants to break out, and it seems like its gonna be horrible, then i go to sleep.. wake up, and it seems like its going away. IT seems like the pimples that would have exploded all over my face before just arent. I know I keep saying this is odd and this is strange.. but that kinda sums it all up ho
  10. Day 13 Update: Not much to report. Dry lips continue. My contacts are starting to get on my nerves near the end of my day. My back and shoulders continue to break out. And im not sure if this is an actual IB but I have one really crappy one on my face and a few other smaller ones, but thats about it. Previous to a few days ago I actually thought I was clearing up quickly. I have been really, really tired at night though. When I attempt to stay up late, I just get totally exhausted. Which
  11. Day 10 Update: Lots of weirdness. Thats all I can say. lol. nothing too bad though. I was expecting hell. My lips are really dry all the time, gotta keep using aquaphor. It feels soooo nice once you put it on. My face isnt really THAT dry. Its kinda strange actually. My face around days 7 and 8 was really, really oily. I had to keep washing it every few hours because it was just looking ridiculous. Still waiting on this IB. and actually, for the past 5 days my face had been clearing
  12. Day 6 Update: Nothing really new. A few interesting things though. Like i said in the last post, its been over 100 here the last few days so im not sure what it is.. the heat, or the medicine. But ive been VERY VERY oily the past few days. Mind you, ive been sitting in my air conditioned apartment and it looks like ive been running around outside. More driving around today, and I just feel hot right now. Once again.. AC on, in my room, and i just feel hot. Like ive been out in the sun a
  13. Wrote this on another msg board but it seems pretty dead over there so here we go over here. This was posted the other day so day 6 update coming right after this post! --- Hi all. Just wanted to post. Great to see a community where we are all basically in the same boat. Well, started on accutane about 5 days ago. Ive had acne since I was about 16 and im now 29. Ive waited a looooong time to go on accutane. Been on antibiotics for over 10 years. And its kept it pretty under control for a