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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope your wounds heal quickly and you have a great 21!
  2. Yup thats my point. You've stated that its bad for your adrenal system (most likely due to increase in norepinephrine and epinephrine). And you've stated that so many speedfreaks have terrible acne. "Speedfreaks" most likely have bad acne from lack of nutrition. One of the basic side effects of any amphetamine is a lack of appetite. And on that note, amphetamine once ingested and broken down by the body mimics adrenaline in many ways. You can imagine that having an excess amou
  3. The genetically acquired gene for acne, assuming it was caused by mutation, could arguably be the result of a seemingly infinite list of environmental variables, most notably, industrialization..
  4. Think about all of the pesticides being used on our food when its being grown, growth hormones being injected into the meat we eat, all the different electronics we have around us, the unknown side effects of so many medicines and vaccines being put into the body, the list goes on and on. All of this is the product of only 200 years of technological advancement. Acne, in my opinion, is not caused by some government conspiracy but is a tragic side effect of industrialization of the world.
  5. 1. Don't touch your face 2. Drink a lot of water 3. Wash or change pillow cases/sheets at least once a week 4. Exercise to reduce stress 5. Zinc, Niacin, Biotin, Fish Oil (Omega3) Supplements 6. Avoid sugar when possible
  6. Agreed. I used to smoke as well, but quit a month ago and everything is basically clearing up (some help from the regimen to), and I have noticed my face is half as oily as it was and red marks seem to be fading a lot quicker than usual.
  7. I noticed earlier you said you bought "regular" castor oil, I can't say that is what made you break out but I'm almost positive it wouldn't have helped. Of the different qualities for oils there are usually something in the name along the lines of "virgin", "extra virgin", "fine" or "light". Regular oil with no prefix or "light" usually means that the taste and acidity were chemically controlled. What you want is cold-pressed for castor oil or extra-virgin in other oils like olive oil.
  8. Maybe they try all those things you listed because they're the same people who don't want to take a chance of permanently fucking up their liver, having permanent hair loss from vitamin A toxicity, or having *insert random disease here*. Or maybe you didn't read up on the side effects http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitamin_A#Toxicity
  9. @OP Taking large amounts of B5 and saying hair loss is rare is a huge understatement at best.
  10. Sorry for bumping a really old thread but I must warn people who may stumble upon this like I did. Taking 100mg zinc/day is considered in the therapeutic range and this level of supplementation should not exceed a month at most. The risks involved with constant zinc supplementation are gastrointestinal/immune system issues, and of course copper deficiency which results in the affected persons developing progressive spasticity, severe gait abnormalities including ataxia, and neuropathy. C
  11. The whole "omfg tanning is bad mkay" idea needs to go. There is to much sterotype ideas about it. While it may be true that people who are addicted to tanning and go every couple of days to stay REALLY dark have a high risk or premature aging/cancer, it is NOT true for people that take the proper precautions. I don't want to be really dark, but I like having a healthy glow. I go a once week to keep up a good tan and moisturize before and after with SPF sunscreen.
  12. I went to a derm and he prescribed Differin and it never worked for me, in fact it seemed like the red marks stayed longer on the spots where I applied the gel. Right now the only thing that works for me it cleansing in the morning with antibacterial cetaphil and then applying 50/50 apple cider vinegar and water on my face with a q-tip. No new acne and the marks are fading. And as a note, you have to use the acv mix for a good week or two to see results, and don't apply more than twice daily o
  13. No offense but isn't this like your gazillionth post on feeling like shit? Go get some medication or find a hobby. /thread