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  1. There's also reactive hyperemia, which is in crease in blood flow due to a previous state of ischemia, which is blood flow restriction. The reason i mention this is because there has to be reason why some pimples heal as PIH and others as PIE. It's fine to understand both processes, but why are two different processes happening in the first place? When i was a teen I remember how even my worst pimples would immediately scab and turn into PIH. They were hardly noticeable because I was o
  2. technically it does work....i've done it when i do lawn work and it's really sunny....obviously it won't blend in perfectly, but it makes it less noticeable... the "problem" with this is the tan will last what, a week maybe? At that point the tanned skin sloughs off, revealing new AND lighter skin, meanwhile your PIH spots will still be dark...so although it gets better for a few days, it may stick out more after that. Even if you keep tanning again you'll have a period in between where you'
  3. are you allergic to BP? If you're applying the spot treatment for a prolonged period of time, then that may be what is causing the irritation. The longer you have it on the more dryness irritation there usually is, but with a wash it's hardly on you skin long enough to cause that, yet still has an antibacterial effect. You should try it, maybe it'll work for you too.
  4. It's been 3 weeks exactly and this has still been working great. No peeling or significant dryness as long as i moisturize. For the most part no breakouts and just 2-3 small pimples, which were probably already formed and that was during the first 2 weeks. Now it seems to be doing a great job of keeping me clear, which is great because i can finally break the pimple-PIH cycle. With no new breakouts i'll be clear as soon as old PIH marks fade completely.
  5. use a BP wash instead....similar results, but without the drying and redness. I use acnefree brand and it's worked great for me.
  6. it's not giving you fine lines...those are lines you already had, but weren't that noticeable if your skin was well moisturized, which i assume it was...the BP is drying, so your skin wont be as "filled out" as it normally was. More moisturizing or using the bp less often may help.
  7. I'm very surprised no one has replied...are a lot of people not using BP washes? It'a working great for me....since i've been using it i've had no major breakouts, just small pimples that are barely visible, which i think were already formed prior to using the wash. Its great at keeping them from getting infected/inflammed....
  8. I wanted to know what results people are getting when they use a leave on BP treatment vs a BP cleanser. I realize the general idea is it's best to have a leave on treatment to give it time to work...however, BP seems powerful enough to have a signficant effect on skin even if not left one for long. Also, for some of us a leav eon treatment is too irritating. I've found the amount of time left one can be the difference between having a red irritated face and just a dry, but not irritated face.
  9. I've broken out while using whey and not using whey... i think maybe the exercise you were doing on the same days helped your acne, then whn you took whey alone and it still helped it was probably due to a placebo effect, or maybe you felt less stress because you believed the whey would help the acne, so i guess that's still a placebo that lowered your stress.
  10. Are u using a foil shaver or rotary? I think foil shavers are less prone to leave ingrowns...but if you're pressing too hard or too often it can irritate the hair or cut it under the skin. Just glide it over as lightly as possible without pushing the skin. Also dont go too fast or it'll just pull the hair before it can cut it. Why not shave with a razor? Try a single blade is a multi blade broke you out. Big difference. And ingrowns are usually longer lasting, more inflamed, and there's clear
  11. why would moisturizing not reduce red marks? the healthier skin is the better it'll fade the marks, so keeping it moisturized is essential. I think you're complexion just changes, possibly darker or blotchier when you dry your skin, therefore hiding the blemishes, but they are still there?
  12. If the laser is capable of lasering hair and it was at the needed setting, then it could have zapped some of your hair....however, usually if you're being treated for acne/blemishes, etc. then even if the laser is capable of removing hair it won't be on the same setting....so more than likely the heat just burnt the hair off and it'll regrow back when that hair cycle kicks in. Hairs die every so often, go dormant, then come back, so when your hair comes back depends on their individual cycle. Mi
  13. i'm no expert, but it doesnt look like the typical post inflammatory hyperpig. could it be rosacea or some kind of contact dermititis? Maybe too much exfoliation is making it worse or prolonging it? Have you gone to a derm?
  14. Does that mean doing nothing worked for you afterall? And do you mean moisturizing, without showering, after you swim? Seems like a dumb question, but i wanted to make sure...
  15. I'd say that's a bad idea...he'd be the one bringing it up and she'd assume it was because of her...it would be pretty awkward for her since the subject would come out from nowhere and she may not be ready to discuss it.