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    Being not bored. And eating food I really shouldn't. Not to mention navel gazing...I'm a very exciting person. Shall we discuss the meaning of life while eating cucumber sandwiches and listening to Mozart?
  1. I've recently started using Loreal Bare Naturale Mineral Foundation, and am wondering if it may be bad for my skin as far as break outs go. I was using Physicians Formula before and man was that a bust. I had the worst breakouts ever! So if anyone could tell me there experience with this product or suggest any better ones, it would be much appreciated.
  2. OH MY GOSH! ME TOO! That is exactly what I had. Thanx so much you've been a great help! Now I know to stop trying new cleansers and all that stuff and just get a new powder....Ha! My first foundation designed for acne prone skin and it breaks me out...how typical is that? Thanx again!
  3. I recently started us Physicians Formula Mineral Wear powder, and have also recently come down with my worst breakout in ages. Hate to be a whiney pain the [email protected]%. So can people just tell me whether they have ever found they had a reaction to this stuff, or am I just pointing fingers and looking for somewhere to lay the blame??? Thanx a ton for all answers!
  4. I just wanted to let all you body acne sufferers out there know that for the first time in a long time I wore a tube top today. HURRAY!!! I have been suffering from mild body acne on my chest and shoulders for nearly a year now, and was totally miserable as a result. I on average had a few on either shoulder and one or two on my chest. Not a huge deal I guess, but enought to make me more than a little self conscious. Anyhow, I tried quiet a few things, and finally managed to lessen it greatly us
  5. I'm always scared when going away, even on simple overnight trips, that I won't be able to keep up my skin regimine. But maintaining your regimine overseas should be do able. Only eat food you make yourself, and take with you everything you will need as far you regimine goes. Chances are you can buy everything you want off of the internet anyhow, and if not, have someone from back home periodically mail you everything you will need. Good luck!
  6. It DID seem a bit spammy. Or perhaps you are just very excited about the product??? Either way, I might be tempted to try the product. So thanx....all though no thanx if it turns out that you ARE spam.
  7. So I recently read on the internet that proactive repair lotion can be used on body acne. I have minor acne on my upper chest and shoulders, and had some repair lotion left over from an old kit. I got so caught up in using it that I totally didn't re-read the instructions and wound up overdosing....*growl* Now I have an itchy red rash on my chest and shoulders. Help???? I've been using Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion (good for releiving dry skin without causing acne). But I'm wondering if ther
  8. I would definitely suggest asking your mutual friend to help you arrange a situation where you can get to know one another a bit more before you suggest anything like a date.
  9. Anne 1912


    Whatever I feel like making other people look at. Like food.
  10. "Aw! Quick, someone tell me what happened! I cant get YOUTUBE cos i dont have BRoadband." THANK GOD!!! Someone besides me who can't get YouTube. I was beginning to think I was seriously the only person left on the entire planet who can't. Life is so very sad. But when life gets sad, I merely ask myself 'what would Mary Poppins do?' That always helps. A SPOON FULL OF SUGAR MAKES THE MEDICINE GO DOWN!!
  11. That's my thinking on a sane day. You should see me when I'm well....lets just say "Not Normal".... tee hee.
  12. "square dance naked on top of a piece of dry ice in the rain while holding a lightning rod" YOU ARE MY NEW HERO!!! I think we have a telepathic connection, I was thinking something along those lines, accept that I want to be holding one of those hawaiin oil lamps and wearing a grass skirt.
  13. Actually try and get my crush's attention Wear tank tops and swim suits Wear no makeup on my skin EAT EAT EAT!!!!