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  1. if you want help, you should donate money to the creators of hydrogel so that they can start testing phase (you must be a millionaire of course). or if you can not do as chuck and do positive things, like making contact Facebook and foundations and magazines for them to put money how many years have you gone through this
  2. I'm new to this info on hydrogel. Can someone explain how or if this can help indented or white scars?
  3. Don't cut it out, build it up. If you cut out a hole you will mist likely end up healing with a depression also, and sometimes it can end up looking worse. I've done subcision in this area 5 times and it's ony been beneficial. Once may not be enough, but a couple times will really soften the scar if it's done well. So yea I'd say go for subcision and maybe needle it a bit to help soften and break up scar tissue.
  4. I wait usually 24 hours will i shower
  5. I think once your skin irritation goes down and you get a even color tone again you will feel a lot better. Most of your scarring is very superficel, for the odd one or two which aren't even all that bad either. I hope you feel better!
  6. ive tried subcision. it worked ok to a point. Its vey difficult to make it look "normal" because of the type of skin it is.
  7. Ylem: What were the risks that the doctor gave you with silicone. Im curious if nothing else works for my nose scar if this is an option. I'd problably try semi pernement first but still wondering.
  8. I just got the treatment and i can tell you the only side effect was mild brusing from injection. It's safer than anything really. I also heard from a doctor that it seemed to work better on scars than on wrinkles in trials, and I can tell i saw changes (positive) within the first week of my first injection so while i still have a ways to go with my treatment I just thought I'd let you guys know about my experience so far.
  9. @winnie, did you ever try subcision? I've had some decent results from it and actually just got another one today. recell seems like it would help epidermal problems like uneven texture/pigment problems. Not sure what type of scarring you have but lifting it as well might help.
  10. Yea i had it a few times. If your scar is indented don't bother unless you are combining it with a treatment such as needling or subcision
  11. @ winnie What you wrote was so authentically real and true, at least for myself. I deal with the pain of this everyday and it's literally taken ove rmy whole life. 6 years ago I was "normal" and 6 years later I have finally gotten rid of acne and am left with the aftermath. I too literally feel like I lost my identity, and the life that I loved. I guess I was so attached to the way my face looked, it was like a necessity as is eating and drinking. I still give life my all, aced this year in col
  12. I was worried about complications from subcision before I tried it but it turned out it wasn't as bad as I thought and I've never has a problem. I think in order to prepare you should get a few subcisions first, or at least do it during the same time. The procedure it fairly new since it's been approved so I don't think there are enough people to really comment about it.
  13. actually i found that it might be approved in the US by the end of next year (2013) http://investmentlogs.com/news-market-analysis/2012/05/avita-medical-a-solid-biomedical-play/
  14. would you say that recell was worth it for the hypopigment? How much improvement would you estimate you got? I wonder when it'll be in the US