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  1. I recently dropped my cleanser and am washing with baking soda. It cleanses well and leaves your skin very soft. It has helped quite a bit with my inflammatory acne and seems to be healing red marks faster than without. There's a thread by a girl named romey about it. Do a search and it'll come right up. Read up and see if it might be something you would want to incorporate.
  2. Eeek she prescribed you antibiotics for 4 pimples? Jeez somebody was definitely after your money. When you say you were clear all your life, how many years was that exactly? I was clear all my life until i turned 11 and its been a 13 year rollercoaster ever since! I wouldn't bother with facials. Definitely look into the acne.org regimen as a starting point.
  3. I got to lookin pretty sickly. My face was drawn in and all my pants kept falling off. Screw that mess. If you find yourself in the greater central washington area i'll buy ya a beer or two. Its far too fantastic to live without.
  4. I vote you ditch the lights and get some of that wonderful november seattle sunshine instead! I lived west of the mountains for over a decade, I know how therapeutic and uplifting the winter months are over there. Just moved to ellensburg this year, and its only a tad better. Good luck with your trials bud, and don't forget a seat cushion or two!
  5. You aren't alone bud. I've had it for about 13 years. I, too, noticed no improvement in oil or breakouts when i did the whole diet thing. I know it works for some, but it actually made things worse for me. Plus on top of it i was miserable cause i couldn't eat my favorite foods, i lost too much weight, and i couldn't throw down a few beers when i wanted. BP has always kept things in check for me but never perfect. Definitely give it a try if you haven't already.
  6. To the above poster...if something is extremely painful to apply, i'd bet your troubles are from irritation, not purging. You should drop the AHA like a bad habit, especially if you had decent skin beforehand.
  7. I have redness issues as well. Is yours the same all the time? Or does it fluctuate during the day? My face started acting weird a few years ago and I haven't been able to remedy it. I all of the sudden became really sensitive to temperature changes, laughing, alcohol...it all turns me tomato red. I've tried using no topicals as well and all that happened was my acne came back horribly. Its a tough problem...
  8. After 12 years of this crap, i could sure use some luck! Wish ya the best bud.
  9. Hey cool idea. I know if I attempted this the towel would end up at the foot of the bed where my sheet always ends up. I tried sleeping on clean pillowcases every night but i couldn't stay consistent with it. Maybe i'll give it another go and see if it yields me some results.
  10. Well you know your own skin better than anyone else. I incorporated paula's 2% bha liquid a couple weeks ago. It did "bring out" acne a little bit, but looking better now. But hey if you think you need something stronger give it shot!
  11. Since the SA is in a wash, you're really washing it down the drain before it has a chance to do any exfoliating. Plus they're usually too high a pH to work properly anyway. I would go for a leave on SA product like paula's choice 2% BHA liquid. That peel sounds like overkill and would burn the crap out of my skin. Proceed with caution. The Snow Queen has a nice post that's stickey'd. She provides lots of good info about SA and other products.
  12. +1 on the scalp. -1 on armpit, toes, butt crack, back... I've had big honkers damn near everywhere and the scalp is the least embarrassing/painful. Although it is weird when someone is running their hand thru your hair and runs into one.
  13. m_tyrant

    Thicker hair

    I have the same thing going on as far facial hair. But for me I get acne in places that have less hair. I rock a goatee and i hardly ever get any acne on my chin. At one point i thought hey maybe my chin is clear cause it doesn't get hit with BP all the time. So I tried that approach with the rest of my face and it exploded. Doesn't make any sense to me!? For me doing all the diet suggestions only made things worse. Again...makes no sense. Never used retin A but i have been using BP for a few y
  14. I went out and bought some zinc and melatonin to "jumpstart" this cycle as you mentioned in an earlier post. Then if i get some results taper those off. About how much zinc would be a good dosage to start at? Some say not to go over 50mg but you mentioned like ~200mg. Melatonin dosage as well? I was hoping you could weigh in on the chronic fatigue issue as well. Do you think it could be related to the serotonin/melatonin cycle? I have yet to do any research so this cycle is new territory for me
  15. These are some interesting discoveries databased. I can definitely look back at the times when i was clear and notice the sun exposure I was getting. But on the other hand i've always slept with the tv on so you'd think that would cancel that all out? My acne came back during a successful BP reg I had going on for almost a year, maybe a couple few months after i started my OFFICE JOB. On top of acne i have chronic fatigue like symptoms that developed during my clear period with BP. Perhaps this