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  1. Problem is hydrogen peroxide is too quick to oxide once there is light to cause the reaction providing the energy needed to favor oxidation. You would have to be in a dark room and apply a diluted H2O2 on the affect areas then go to a lighted room for it to work but even then it is also more dangerous to use it so just be careful if you want to save money and best of luck. benzoyl peroxide takes more light to oxidize and therefore it has adequate time to seep into the bacteria infected regions b
  2. Baking soda's active ingredient is actually sodium bicarbonate, this can oxidize things similar to benzoyl peroxide, when it oxidizes the solution that the bacteria sits in, the bacteria can't survive and die off. The problem with baking soda is that it is usually damaging to the skin like peroxide and should be used in small portions with water if at all. My past experience with this has been a drastic improvement and then with continued use breakouts as the bacteria apparently stopped respondi
  3. The only things that seemed to ever help me with diminishing scars was either jojoba oil which may be problematic if you still have any active acne or etre' natural beauty Dead Sea Salt Mineral facial peel, it costs about $15 or so for a 2 oz bottle. I loved it but I ran out and can't afford to get another bottle =( but it really will make your skin look like a movie star if you got the money for it. I guarantee it will work for you and if you do get it and use it please message me and let me kn
  4. If you have long hair over your forehead it may cause problems, try to keep it combed back. If you wear hats make sure the hair is not being pushed into the forehead but back away from it, because the skin is alive and needs to breathe. If you dont cover it, there will be more oxygen to kill the bacteria and it will help clear it up.
  5. Hey mate, glad to hear things are clearing up but you also face the psychiatric problems associated with acne and a bad childhood. You watch what you say around people it seems because you are seeking acceptance, and I do this a lot also and it is very debilitating because you can't be yourself and at the end of the day you feel sadness. Alright for one second of your life just stop worrying about the acne and all your problems, and just smile and take some deep breathes, try meditation, go on a
  6. Try Iron supplements, and cod liver oil. Avoid using any shampoo or conditioner while showering for a week to see improvements.
  7. Hello ashley, My experience with fish oil is that if you take the pills in the morning you have to have a strong stomach because usually you follow it with a warm or hot tea which causes the pills to melt in your stomach as the gases build up it will make you want to vomit. Avoid anything hot for a few hours after taking any soft gel pills this will help with absorption as well. Cod Liver Oil maybe a better alternative to fish oil. I also would recommend Iron, this is great for women who are men
  8. You need too supplements to try this: Vitamin A + D - cod liver oil pills, very cheap RiteAid 75% Vit A, 100% Vit D, Omega-3 fatty acids Iron Supplements - Ferrous sulfate 10-65 mg tablets Be careful with iron supplements and to not overdose on iron, it is recommended to take 15mg for adult males, and 20mg for adult females. If you are not sure of your blood iron level have it checked. Expected time of effect: 2 days to a week Give it a shot you got nothing to lose
  9. It is out of desperation that the great succeed, the only requirement is determination. I don't know much about your life but you are alive and I understand what you are going through and why it is difficult because I recently started talking to a girl online for 2 months now and I cant visit her because of my acne I am afraid to. I haven't been outside my house for 2 weeks and everyday I suffer but I am still trying. My best advice to you is to stop or limit your shampoo use, you have nothing
  10. Multivitamins containing a lot of Vitamin A, E and the minerals zinc and iron to help speed up skin healing. Avoid using very hot water on affected areas and chemical peels as this will only damage the skin further, only use 0.5% salicyclic acid with cool water to smooth it out. Dont scrub the skin, if you can it is just best to run water over it while in the shower for a few minutes. Hope this helps.
  11. This is difficult to follow but by reducing showering you can reduce your acne, the best way to go about it is to simply shower with cool water for 15-20 minutes but only rinse your hair with water for 2-5 minutes at most, the rest of the time only your body should get wet. Shampoo use must also be limited, now this means shampoo or conditioner can be used for a week, then at the end of the week you can use it to clean out your hair, if your scalp starts to flake you can use jojaba oil directl