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  1. Hey everyone, i have a question about swimming and acne. Ive had acne for a while, but i went on DKR and got it about 70% clear. Anyways, I'm thinking about joining the swimming team but i have no idea whether or not the water with all of its chemicals and stuff will irritate my skin, and taking showers too, 1 before the pool, and 1 after the pool. So i dont know what to do, should i take my normal shower at school, which would be embarrassing to have an acne.org thing with everyone around, or s
  2. Hey man, your acne is fine, not bad at all. Mine used to be like yours about a year ago, its alot worse now and im on the acne.org regimen. But anyways, your acne doesn't look bad at all, i have those tiny dots on my chin too, i don't know what they are, maybe blackheads or ingrown whiskers that haven't come out yet, lol, i don't know. But if you really wanted to know, on a scale from one to 10, yours would be a 2 or 3.
  3. Wow, lol. I would love to have your skin... it looks so smooth, and your acne doesn't even look bad at all. Seriously, don't worry about it, try some BP or something cause I don't think you should spend 200+ on this for that little of an acne problem.
  4. dans moisturizer used to sting for me too, ive used the BP without the moisturizer for like 3 months now. today i thought "why not?" and i tried it, (less then half a pump), and it didnt sting. actually made my face look better. so i think its just you have to use small amounts and be used to the BP. also i spent like 5 mins rubbing it in.
  5. Yeah same here << >>, why dont you just take an after photo, it would help alot of people out.. << >>.
  6. Hey guys, i was looking at my insurance, which i hate now, and the cost of accutane is freaking 4000$ for a 90 day supply, and it doesnt even cover the generic brands. Does anyone know a way to get by this? It's very stupid, a 30 day supply is like 1500 and i get 12% off of it. STUPID. I'm really pissed off right now because i have severe acne that BP/prescription antibiotics dont help. I was also reading other peoples costs and they were like below 10$.. .WTF!?!?!?!!?!?!? My insurance sucks....
  7. The title explains it all. First ill tell you what i do for a regimen. Apply jojoba oil Wait 10 mins then wipe it off Apply 2 pumps of BP, let dry Apply AHA+ *Day and Night After the AHA my face is VERY shiny and when i touch it its all sticky and gross... I don't know why this happens. I've waited an hour+ for it to get better but it stays shiny and sticky. Any idea why this happens? It also peels off if i touch it. Maybe i should keep the jojoba oil on?
  8. I just did this today, normally my face gets all like sticky and shiny when i put the AHA on after the BP but when i swapped them around it just looks like it does with the BP only. Also putting the BP on after the AHA was harder then normal, it was very slippery and hard to put on. Im gonna try the BP first, then the AHA then the moisturizer tonight and see how that works.
  9. Well I use it at night. It makes my face very shiny and sticky when i put it on over the BP ( I don't know why, I've been looking for people with the same problem but there arent any.) So I've started putting the AHA on first then waiting like 10 mins, then i put on the BP. I'ts not sticky or as shiny when i do that. I'm also thinking about putting on the moisturizer too but i don't know, I don't like Dan's moisturizer that much =/.
  10. When i apply the AHA over the BP it makes my face very shiny and sticky, i waited like an hour and it stayed like that. So today i put the AHA on first then the BP and its great now =P. Hope it works. BTW it did moisturize really great.
  11. Actually, I was using too much, I used about half a pump ( If that ) with 1 pump of BP, it still stings but its tolerable.
  12. Thanks for the advice, I am probably allergic to Jojoba Oil (Good thing I didn't buy the pure oil). So I guess I'll find another moisturizer. Thanks again.
  13. Hey, this is my first post. I started the regimen about a week ago, maybe more, and the BP works fine, Ive used 2 pumps every time since i started. But after the BP dries fully, I go to put on the moisturizer and like 2 minutes after i apply it all my skin starts burning. I wait about half an hour and my skin is still burning. I look in the mirror and my face is red in certain spots and very irritated. This shouldn't happen with the moisturizer, should it? When I only use the Cleanser and