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  1. I felt so much better about how I looked and sort of forgot about it, then I caught a woman doing a double take of my face in the vegetable section and errr reality and I just laughed it off. Well Kitty I hope you enjoy your day out tomorrow and that the flaking stops soon!
  2. THE MOST PAINFUL THING EVER. All the IPL, Pixel, waxing, broken bones, surgery and about 30 hours worth of tattoos, I thought I could tolerate pain, this was the most painful thing ever. It lasts only for a second, but far out. Usually I laugh at pain, the first zap I yelled out "Mother XXXXXX" and the top of my lungs and continued to swear my head off. Brazilian was a nightmare, everything else was just slightly uncomfortable. The pain just lasts a second, she was able to work thru areas f
  3. Its like pixel magic happened over night, my eyes are normal, the bits that where stacked have pretty much gone and Im not peeling so much. I've run out of chocolate so I have to get out of the house and get some. I look so much better, but in truth I still look pretty damn odd, hatch marks everywhere and my skin is red. I'm going to go in and have IPL hair removal later on today, I was so bored yesterday I thought it would at least give me the chance to interact with someone. I was suppose
  4. Im going into have this done today..... underarms, legs and brazilian..... I must be some kind of sadist! I've been waxing for years and dont have much hair growth so I hope I wont need all that many treatments. Also, for some reason it works better on dark hair rather than light, I heard.
  5. Similar! The treatment hurt me, first time I was laughing the whole way thur, this time I went quiet. Last time, I was actually out and about by now, I'd say I've got at least another 3 days of hiding. My skin took longer to flake and it was so itch that it was just stinging, thankfully that is over Both of my eyes are really swollen, like a black eye without the black colour. I can see my new skin coming thru and it looks great, but last time I remember that this was a bit of a trick and
  6. Uggggh yup that's me a few minutes after I dragged myself out of bed the morning of my second pixel session. Nothing new to add, it still stung and smelt like meat roasting during the treatment, burns and Ill look awful for the next few days. I'll take some pics in about 5 days time and once properly recovered. At least this time I know what I'm in for. He said he hit me up to a higher level, last time I was at 1200 and I forgot to ask at what level this time. He made 3 passes on both occas
  7. Well Im doing my second lot of Pixel tomorrow. I'll be sure to take a before picture before I go. I am pleased with the results of pixel, but really my skin was good before pixel, so I wonder, would the results be more dramatic or less noticable if I suffered from bad acne marks? I don't think pixel is a the amazing miracle. There really hasn't been much improvement in my chin area, initally the large pores I have on my nose seemed to have gone, but after my skin had totally recovered they
  8. Hey, My main concern was a few old red marks and slightly crepe looking skin on my jaw line from previous acne, I'd hit this area big time with IPL and MAX previously and felt as if my red marks where no longer a real issue. The skin is no longer crepe, and the red marks have faded, but this area was really good prior to pixel, so I can't imagine how well pixel would working on proper scars. The pores on my nose look a little smaller, but only a touch. The areas where pixel worked for me was
  9. Microbdermabrasion might make your skin feel smooth, and look fresh for a few days, but I believe it is a waste of money (having spent a considerable amount on it) and that I would have had the same 'effect' had I scrubbed my face with a dry face cloth. Maybe if you where one of those people with perfect skin, it might give you a pretty skin lift, but with acne, I say go hard and go technology.
  10. I think it would be too harsh, but you'd be best off asking the person doing the pixel what they think. In my experience, Retin A really made my skin just a glowing red, and did nothing for my acne. Also, as pixel makes your skin more sensative to the sun, and Retin A does aswell, it doesn't sound like a good combination. I believe you have to use Retin A for a really long period of time for change to take place. But really I have no idea...
  11. Just hang in there with spiro... you should have seen me before! I think this also gives me a second chance to be sun safe.... SPF 30 all the way from now on. 4 women asked me at work yesterday what I'd done to my skin, "I put on a mask, it itched a bit must have had a reaction" seemed to work. Its amazing the healing that happens over night... I had my eyebrows done today and it was 15 minutes into the appt when Di asked me if Id have some laser done, because the hatch marks are a little vi
  12. You guys where right, I am looking better. Im pretty confident Ill be looking good for Saturday night. So the back ground is the new feature wall I spent painting during my post pixel isolation!
  13. Hey, Thanks for your response. Well I managed to get out of work on Thursday, but I HAVE TO work on Friday. I'm wondering if I should gently exfoliate to get rid of the brown skin? Or just leave it be? I've just been using cream 4 times a day and have avoided touch my face. I'm a nursing supervisor, so I'll be in contact with sooooooo many people on Friday from patients, co workers, doctors, my biggest fear is walking into the dementia ward where I know one of the residents will have a lot
  14. Day 2 post pixel. Damn I thought I'd be looking better by now. Most of the pixel reviews said they looked fine by day 3, so I planned to go to work tomorrow but Ill have to call in sick, I just couldn't stand all the questions. On close inspection, my wrinkles, large pores have gone. It looks like the skin on my chin, which was my main problem area, looks free of old red marks. But Im thinking its just because my skin is still so tight at the moment. Im completely bored of hiding out at h
  15. Back packing in Oz is the best suggestion I can come up with then. Come over here, forget about acne and get pixel, youd have the best time! I would ask those clincis how they can possibly justify the cost! My friend just bought an IPL machine, now I can get IPL for $50 whole face... insane!