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  1. Do you find that you plan your week around how good/bad your acne will be? By now I've come to know what days my acne is usually its worst (usually a Monday after a weekend of clubbing) and I find that on a Thursday its at its best. Trivial as it may be, acne seriously controls my life, like I find that I will only arrange things for days when I know my acne will not be too bad, whereas I put things off if they are on days I know my acne will be bad.
  2. I guess I'm just worrying too much because of the Retin-A experience and maybe I should just be more confident that yes Accutane sometimes does have an IB, but its not notorious for long and painful IB's like Retin-A. I just hope that I will finally get lucky with acne medication.
  3. The reason I'm concerned is because I had a 2 month bad IB on Retin-A and it severely effected my life. I work in a shop so I couldn't just hide behind a desk at work, so it really effected me and I felt that it was not worth it. I can cope with a couple of weeks of an IB, but anymore then a month and I will have to reconsider.
  4. Cool, hope it all goes well for you Do most Accutane IB's last a couple of weeks or so? Unlike the months of IB that Retin-A causes.
  5. I have mild to moderate acne, but I've been through medication after medication for a year now and I think its finally time to go on Accutane and get this problem sorted. I was on Retin-A Gel for about 3 months and I had a horrendous initial breakout which consequently caused me to come off it, as I was not prepared to go through the hell it caused. I hope with Accutane I won't be in the same situation and that any IB will be short and mild. What is the Accutane IB like and is it worth the re
  6. Hey, would just like some advice on things that can help supplement Accutane. Moisturizers/Lotions I've heard Cetaphil is the best, but there seems to be so many variations of their products.. for example I've seen a moisturizing lotion, cream and a 'daily hydrating lotion' also a couple of different cleansers. Which are the best and work well whilst on Accutane? Are there any better equivalents of Cetaphil? Topical Antibiotics Does anyone use a topical lotion alongside Accutane? Obviously
  7. If Accutane and Retin-A work how I've heard they work, as in they make several months worth of acne come up in several weeks, then hopefully I've got over the worst of it, as my Retin-A breakout was pretty bad.
  8. Thanks for your help Do you think the fact that Retin-A has caused so many spots to surface during its 'purging process', that this will decrease the number that Roaccutane will cause because they have already been brought up by Retin-A?
  9. Hey, I really would appreciate any help and support you guys can offer in terms of (Ro)accutane. I have a small village doctor, so he doesn't have loads of knowledge on (Ro)accutane, so you guys are the only people I can really seek for help. Brief History: Suffered from mild to moderate acne for 3 years now (I'm 18), tried several topical anti-biotics including Zineryt and recently Retin-A. Going on Retin-A was a huge mistake for me, my skin didn't take to it and it ended up causing huge br