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  1. You're kidding right? Is this post a joke? Ya doood go eat massive amounts of butter and see if it clears up your skin... haha. If I ate even a teaspoon of butter I'd wake up with a cyst. I'm allergic to dairy though.
  2. I cut out all dairy and I feel and look tons better. I don't get anymore cysts at all either. I don't eat any dairy whatsoever... not even butter or cream. One time at a restaurant, I had veggies that had butter on them on accident and woke up with a huge cyst. Dairy is no longer an option for me.
  3. Daily protein intake: ~ 240 grams Carbs: 200/150/100/50 staggered for 4 days Fat: 15/30/40/45 staggered with the carbs These are just approximate numbers. Sometimes I stay in the 150 range for a few days instead of jumping to 200. Depends on my cardio. I'm about 200lbs right now. Close to 4% bf.
  4. I will be dropping some things after my competition. What's the point in upping the dose if the dose I'm taking seems to be effective?
  5. Yes I take a lot of different supplements. Most of them I've been taking for years for general health and bodybuilding purposes, and not for my skin. I've mixed and matched tons of different things over the years. I don't buy into the theory that acne is hormonal. I believe that acne can be aggravated by your body's ability to process them maybe; in which case, that should be adderessed instead of eliminating hormones. I have my reasons. I know heavy steroid users who never get a single zit, an
  6. I wouldn't! I've always speculated that saliva is a cause of acne because everytime I get my own spit on my face, or spit on my face from kissing, I seem to develop some acne in that area. I distinctly remember drooling on myself about a month ago, and I forgot to rinse it off. Next morning I had a painful red one. Everytime I get spit on my face, I rinse it off immediately.
  7. Enlightenme, Have you ever tried the b5 megados? No.. I'd rather just do low dose accutane if needed.
  8. Made it out alive. One tiny zit that is pretty much gone already. Lovin it.
  9. Yep got a small one already. One small one. I'm not worried about it.
  10. I'm glad to share my experiences. We're all in this together, and god knows I've benefited greatly from the knowledge and experience of others on this site. If my experience help too then great! Carnitine will also help with fat loss and heart protection so it is good to take regardless. I'm going to load on close to 400 carbs today so we'll see if I get any zits from it.
  11. Practically 3 weeks without a single zit.... NOT ONE! I used to pray that my acne would be gone by my 30's. I am 30 now and turn 31 in June. I wonder if my prayers are being answered.
  12. I take 3 a day. I split them into 3 doses - morning, afternoon, and night. I don't think it matters if you take them with food or not. I would give it a month before you expect to notice anything. I would also do more research because you shouldn't expect miracles over one man's results. I'm not even sure it's what's helping my acne. Could be the diet now that I'm off dairy or the DIM too. I'm pretty sure it's what's helping my hair though. It is a pretty expensive product so please do some inve