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  1. I've heard hydroquinone is only effective for darker skinned people? I am very very fair skinned, so red marks show up easily but not sure I really want to make my skin any lighter!
  2. I've never heard of shampoo or toothpaste causing spots before? (it's definitely acne not an allergic reaction) it's not like I actually put shampoo or mouthwash on my skin so I'm doubtful...but thank you for your ideas. Btw what looks like acne on my chin in that photo is actually just old red marks, so at the moment I have no active acne other than those two big spots in photo 3. I see plenty of people with small pimples all over their faces but mine seems different in that it's only a co
  3. I had moderate acne as a teenager and was eventually treated with roaccutane when antibiotics and topicals failed- this cleared my skin for a few years but spots started to appear again about a month after stopping Yasmin birth control (or at least I put this down as the most likely cause). After racing back to the doctor in fear of it getting worse I have been on Dianette for the past two months and have been using skinoren cream for 4 weeks- the good news is it hasn't got any worse and I onl
  4. After a lot of research, I've come across a hopeful link for anyone who suffers from small, white body scars (which are a form of something called secondary anetoderma) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3760601/ Seems like laser might be effective but there's a huge lack of research
  5. Thanks it's good to hear positive results how many sessions did you have out of interest?
  6. The photos are taken with a bad quality camera so it doesn't show up too well, but as well as acne* I have this persistent blotchiness and uneven skin. even when my skin is clear-ish my forehead, nose, and chin especially (where I get the most spots) I have this persistent redness and blotchy complexion. I'm very self-conscious without make-up when I feel like even people with worse acne don't have the same awful skin tone? I am naturally very pale which probably doesn't help. I've considere
  7. Has anyone from the UK had or considered a pulsed dye laser treatment for redness? If so, where, and how much on average does it cost for a session? I'm considering it for my long-lasting red marks and blotchy, uneven skin tone, but I don't have a huge amount of money to spare I live near London and know that the costs are high there but would be willing to pay out if the results are worth it
  8. Read this thread! It's a type of scarring, nothing to do with fungal infections.
  9. Hi Ian, Sorry for the disappointing message but I have the same problem and haven't tried anything yet (other than naively thinking I could get rid of it with chemical peels etc., don't bother) but am also desperate to hear from anyone who has! There is so little information out there on this condition it's frustrating. Please could anyone who has had any treatment for body acne scars share their experiences!
  10. I'd really appreciate some help figuring out what this is and what I can do about it! I recently had a bad breakout on my chin for a couple of months after stopping the pill. I'm now on dianette and have no/very few active spots but as you can see below, my skin still looks awful thanks to red marks from recent spots and general redness on my chin/nose/forehead (mostly on my chin, where I've always had the most spots). I was on roaccutane 3 years ago which, until a few months ago, kep
  11. So sounds like laser treatments aren't worth the money then What about controlling it rather than curing it? And p.s. if anyone in the UK reads this do you know if it's possible to get any treatment on the NHS??
  12. How many laser treatments did you have and how much improvement did you see? It's not something I can afford at the moment but would consider it in future. My current makeup is very good at covering it, people always act surprised if I say I have bad skin because you can't see any redness underneath the foundation I wear...but this only makes me more self-conscious about taking it off in front of anyone. I think it must be true about it being veins not the skin itself though because w
  13. Thanks for the response. So I'm stuck with this for life? Is there nothing I can do about it? I hate having to cover my face in foundation and concealer just so I can leave the house even when I have no spots Edit: if my memory serves me right, I had this redness years before ever taking accutane so I don't think it's purely accutane induced?
  14. A bit of background: I'm a 21 year old girl, suffered from acne as a teenager which was worst on my back, chest and chin, some on forehead but very mild/non-existent on my cheeks. Since going on accutane 3 years ago it mostly cleared up but I've been left with red, blotchy skin on my chin, nose and forehead which doesn't seem to fade. (I have much worse scars elsewhere but that's a separate issue...) It's easily covered by make-up, more noticeable in some lights, and some days seems worse t
  15. I know exactly what it feels like. I live in t-shirts and it sucks. The worst thing is I have a pool in my garden and my friends keep asking me if they can come round to swim and I have to make up excuses I'm so jealous of every single girl who doesn't think twice about wearing a tank top or a bikini And I'd also love to cut my hair to shoulder length, but I've always kept it long