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  1. Hi, Sorry for the delay. It was very severe and from what I was told from a few doctors, very rare. Ten days after I started taking Spiro, I got these red welts all over my arms but they didn't itch. I stopped taking Spiro at that point. The next day I woke up I had trouble breathing and looked in the mirror to see that they were everywhere and my lips were distorted and swollen. Plus they were incredibly itchy. I had to go to the ER and got an IV full of benadryl and steroids. If you ha
  2. Hi, Yes, try Dr. Eileen Deignan (offices in Cambridge and Concord). She prescribed it for me after running some basic blood tests, but unfortunately for me I was allergic to Spiro. Hope that helps!
  3. I just treat my cheeks and use 1 full pump, but if 1 pump isn't irritating you, maybe that's plenty.
  4. I don't - I'm almost 3 months in and I only apply to my cheeks (and sparingly on my nose/chin). My forehead I don't even bother with since I have never broken out there.
  5. Don't use chapstick! The medicated ingredients (such as menthol) further irritate your lips so it becomes a vicious cycle! I like burt's bees as well, there are also other natural petroleum-free ones, such as Kiss My Face, Badger, or even this one called Chicken Poop! Check out the reviews for these on Drugstore.com.
  6. I use either a damp washcloth or a chamois (Aveda sells them but I'm sure you can get them elsewhere) to gently wipe them away. If it irritates your skin too much, apply some jojoba or emu oil beforehand. Hope that helps.
  7. I just apply the regimen to both of my cheeks (on my face of course ). Do you think 1 pump is enough? I don't think I could ever get up to 2 pumps for these areas, but wondering if 1 is enough. I'm 1.5 months in and my face is still red and flaky. Thanks!
  8. Is it bad to use after a moisturizer? My face is flaky and dry so I just figured I couldn't cut that out of the equation. Thanks!
  9. What I've been using that is helping a lot is emu oil. I wash my face with Aveda All Sensitive, apply a generous amount of emu oil, let it sink in for a few minutes, and then take a washcloth and gently remove the flakes. Then I apply BP, let dry, and apply additional emu oil with some moisturizer (also from the Aveda All Sensitive line). My face still flakes, but is no longer painful and tight and not as flaky. At night, sometimes I also apply Glycolic Acid at the end. Hope that helps!
  10. Me too! I've been doing this since Mid-May and I can't get up to one full pump. I do it for one day, and my face just gets even more red and comes off in big flakes. I even use Jojoba and Emu oil. I realize by now I'm supposed to be up to two pumps, but the way my skin is reacting, it's just not possible. Unfortunately, I'm still getting the breakouts too. And, the BP is making the fine lines on my face even more pronounced. Also, Dan's BP is easier on my skin than the Neutrogena on-the-spot, s
  11. 30, and I'm not there yet. I started breaking out when I was 23.
  12. Just out of curiosity, what is better about the pharma grade bp? Is it a gel also? I too am going to the derm in a month and want to tell her about the regimen. Thx!
  13. I was on Spironolactone for 10 days, had a severe allergic reaction, and ended up in the ER. While I was thankful to be alive and OK, I was also really bummed because it was my last hope for a "cure" at the time. I have tried everything short of Accutane during the past 7 years. My doc told me a reaction to Spiro is very rare and we don't know what exactly I had the allergic reaction to. Now I'm 3 weeks into the Regimen and I'm optimistic that it will work!
  14. Hey, I don't know if you've seen the threads about taking Aleve right before your period (and of course, during if you get cramps), but I tried it last month and the breakouts weren't as bad. You might want to give it a try.