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  1. This is not really a question pertinent to me personally, but is something I'd like an answer for nonetheless. I've noticed looking over these forums that some users of Accutane also use an antibiotic for the duration of their course. Naturally I found this a bit unusual since an antibiotic would work to hinder an IB, the purpose of an IB being to remove all of the malevolent pus and bacteria accumulated under the surface (not a doctor). Would taking an Antibiotic while on Accutane then not clea
  2. What was your dosage while on accutane? and How would you characterize the severity of your acne prior to accutane?
  3. Hello I have been taking Bactrim DS for about a week and have noticed some remarkable results, I have not had a single new pimple since starting and my scars are fading quite quickly (I had relatively mild acne before starting). All this seems like terrific and encouraging news until I realized that I was only given a prescription for two months worth of medication. While I'll undoubtedly try to coax my dermatologist into increasing the duration of my regimen (probably to 5 months total), I real
  4. Last summer I used DKR without a cleanser or moisturizer and within 2 weeks all my acne was gone, my skin was positively glowing and remained wonderful until I stopped the regimen because of school work. I'll be the first to admit that my acne was not nearly as horrendous as many individuals on this forum (thank god!) but it did result in around 1-2 pimples a day. I started the regimen up again around a month ago and the progress this time around has been far less dramatic. While I have had very