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  1. Hi did your lumps eventually go away.. if so, what helped?

  2. Yeah, that's entirely possible. Many of these are hematomas which do resolve on their own after 2 or so months. But some of these are scar tissue band that upon being released during subcisjon get crossed between each other and knot. These ones are the more difficult to subside. Thats what my doctor told me is the cause for mine. Evidently, only 2% of his patients have this side effect. i got my subcision done almost 2 months ago and still have these here. They haven't decreased in s
  3. I haven't seen my skin this clear since I was a preteen

    Clear skin No more oily skin Proactiv, Retin a, malic acid, salicyclic acid, Acne Free, Differin, all Neutrogena products, etc. Those are literally just a partial list of all of the products I've used to try and clear up my acne since I was 16 years old. I am now 25 years old. A year ago, I was speaking with my girlfriend on whether or not I should make the jump to Accutane as it HIGHLY suggested by my dermatologist. My friend coaxed me into trying her prescribed sprionolactone before trying
  4. No drying, no harshness

    Non drying No soap Not harsh Fairly expensive I have used MANY cleansers for my very very oil skin that dries out at the touch of water alone. This cleanser is by far the best cleanser for my face type and for my acne skin. I've had not one adverse affect from this product. It is fantastic!
  5. I've been using lemon juice for about a month now hoping it would reduce my hyperpigmentation on my face and maybe even clear my clogged pores. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any reduction in brown or red spots, and my pores are becoming even more clogged than they were before I started using lemon juice. Since lemons are described as exfoliators, is it safe to surmise that my skin is just cleaning itself out?
  6. Some of the colors for that line I was talking about might match her color. She should give it a shot. I usually buy new makeup at Wal-mart cuz if it doesn't work out for me, it's easy to get my money back.
  7. I've always had a good experience with Fresh Look from Covergirl. What's the color of your sister's skin? Cuz this pressed powder has some hint of yellow in it which is perfect for most latinas and asians. Here's the link for it also Click here
  8. spidergirl007

    Clogged pores and inflamed acne

    I have many whiteheads, pastules, and papules on my forehead, but mainly on my chin and surrounding areas.
  9. Thanks for that heads up! I've heard of the Jessner's peel before, but never really looked into it, but if it helps reduce the redness from the marks that is really great news. I'm gonna see what I can find out about it. Thanks again
  10. I know. It's so weird. I guess both us may need a stronger TCA peel.
  11. Hmm, guess that makes sense, but I really don't use salicylic acid or aha, but I do use lactic acid. But TCA is supposed to be much stronger than any of those..
  12. Come on. SOMEONE has to have some kind of experience with this.
  13. For those of you who've used TCA, was there ever time where you just did not peel? Like, at all?? I used TCA for the first time over a week ago (about 10 days ago) but I never peeled. I used 12.5% TCA from makeup artist's choice and did a two layer peel, but nothing happenede except for the regular flushed face for a half hour or so. I did this over spring break hoping many of my red marks would disappear before school started up again, but no such luck. I'm just wondering if it's normal f
  14. Would doing a TCA Peel on any active pimples aggravate the situation? Also, would it hurt to apply the TCA on my clogged pores?