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  1. Should I try microderm first to see if it's improved? I stopped using Tarozac because my skin keeps peeling and super dry within the next day.
  2. ^ I'd been using Tarozac for more than 3 months. I also used Benzaclin at some point but it caused peeling skin and redness so I go back once a while. There's minocycline for internal. THe doctor I went to was helpful but she's 1 hour away and there's a $100 buck fee everty time I see her. She's a dermatologist, not cosmetic surgeon so she doesn't deal with laser treatment. The scars faded a lot but I'm just worrying it'll never go away. That's why I consider laser. So I should stay with Taroza
  3. Unfortunately, about 2 or 3 months ago, my acne was at the worst stage. I tried to many thing and finally lemon & tarozac worked for me. However, it left behind so much scars...worse than ever. And now I'm trying my best to get rid of it. I guess my only option is laser. I went to the cosmetic surgeon today. They quote 5 Fraxel, 5 Microdermabration & skin care package for $4300. Is that a good price? $900 for each Fraxel alone. Do you think I should try Fraxel? I'm not sure how bad my sc
  4. I would like to know as well. I went for a consultation today and they quote me $4300 for 5 fraxel treatment, 5 microdermabration & skin care package. Good deal? I'm just wondering is it worth it?
  5. I have Benzaclin for morning and Tarozac at night. However, whenever I use Benzaclin, my face feel like it's on fire especially after I wash it off. My skin is super dry afterward and it starts peeling. Is this normal with Bezaclin or my skin is too sensitive for it? Should I stop or call my derm about it? HELP!!!!
  6. I just got prescribed Benzaclin, Tazorac and Minocycline. THe thing is my doctor said to use Benzaclin every morning. I was wondering if I can apply foundation on top of the cream because I have to use makeup for work.
  7. I think you have eye infection. I had it a while ago and my eye got swollen. At first I thought it's an allergic reaction so I drank some benadryl. You should just dab ice bag on it. Leave it for a few days and you'll be fine.
  8. Can anyone predict how long this is going to last? I'm going to vacation soon in like less than a month. I'm going crazy.
  9. I tried to contact all my dematologist in the area. But none of them can take me in soon. THey said not until July or so. Is there anything I can do? My face started to swell up...especially on the right side because of all the whiteheads.
  10. I've never been to a dermatologist before. What should I tell them?
  11. My skin was fine with very little acne like 2 weeks ago. THen suddenly I started getting all this whitehead on my two cheeks. They hurt a lot and I'd been doing aloe mask, aspirin mask. I also apply some medication which was described by my family's doctor with this Clean & Clear Acne Spot treatment (salicylic acid medication). What's going on? Is this some kind of allergic reaction? I only get them on my cheeks. Others area are fine. HELP PLEASE ! I'm going crazy because of these whitehead