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  1. lol...at one point I was you know...twice a day lol. Was like being 13 again.
  2. Hi all, Well I took accutane for 4 months and 2 weeks. Month 1 = 40mg per day Month 2 = 40mg per day Month 3 = 50mg per day Month 4 + 2 weeks = 60mg per day I weigh 69kg and am just under 6ft 2. 22 years of age and had acne since 16. I never had 'severe' acne but i did get sever pimples...Massive cysts on my chin Would get one every 7-10 days without fail. So did accutane work? Short answer, yes. I currently have zero pimples. However it was a difficult drug to be on, h
  3. Hi guys, could this be possible? I'm currently on accutane and use only jojoba oil on my skin. It always seems that after I apply jojoba oil (or pretty much any cosmetic) my skin goes a lot redder. Is there anything out there that is even more pure than jojoba oil that is unlikely to give me problems, being on accutane and all, I obviously need some kind of moisturiser!
  4. Hi guys, I'm on day 65 of my course currently taking 50mg a day. Does anyone have any suggestions for the redness? People keep asking me If I caight the sun/ if I've been away on holiday I don't like using products with loads of chemicals in them so would like a suggestion that is as chemical free as possible. I've tried Eucerin redness relief and Mario Bescue control cream but the seem to do fudge all! Any suggestions on what I can use instead?
  5. I'll join you guys. I'm on day 39. So far main side effects are red face, slight joint pain, body rashes and dry lips. Week 1 - No changes - No new breakouts but no change in oil production Week 2 - Oil production went down significantly , small breakouts Week 3 - Breakout of 5/6 spots, looked pretty rank with blackheads pushing themselves all out of my face too week 4 - Blackheads still pushing out, getting over the week 3 breakout week 5 - 90% of blackheads gone, face is almost clear. (but r
  6. Hey again, sorry but I'm not keeping a photo log. My acne isn't severe but I always have 3/4 pimples at one time, mostly on the chin / above the lip. The ones I get on my chin are DEEP horrible nodules My derm said if breakouts stop completely we'll just for 4 months on 40mg a day. I'll do my best to try and get on 50/60 for month 3/4 though!
  7. Hi Guys, I really really need your help here. I have been experiencing these problems for the best part of 2 YEARS now. Anyway, it started when I just went red once, did something embarrassing... Nowadays I never feel fresh, I always feel hot and agitated. I used doxycycline and Tetracycline in the past and am currently on accutane (day 29) I had heat issues BEFORE taking accutane but not before taking anti-biotics. The accutane doesn't seem to make it much worse / better but it does make my f
  8. Hey Bro, Good log. I'm on accutane atm too (Day 29 today) I've been on 40mg since day one and will be on the same dose for month 2. My side effects are - Chapped lips - Dry Scalp (gone now) - Body rashes (seem to come and go) - Face is a lot redder - Face is also dryer - Some joint pain. However...I only have one pimple now. Best of luck!
  9. Anyone else find they want to **** everything in sight when on accutane? Makes me so horny lol. However my scalp itches like hell
  10. My derm told me that and oil is an oil and they all block pores.
  11. Well if anyone can find a non-condegemic mosturizer that contains no oils, I'm all ears! Will also love you for life
  12. So for anyone who gives a ****, I ordered this. http://www.balmbalm.com/organic-skincare/f...-baby-balm.html
  13. hi guys, I'm on day 8 of accutane and am looking for a moisturizer that doesn't contain any harsh chemicals, oil free and non- condegemic? Please help!!
  14. As of today I will be taking a 4 month course of accutane! 20mg x2 a day My initial 'referral' was to a standard GP who couldn't prescribe it...so I had to get a referral from a referral!