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  1. I finished my 2nd course of accutane this past Februray. Everythings currently great except that I still have some patches of eczema on just one of my hands that wont go away! They formed about 2 months into my treatment and then never went away. Has this happened to anyone else??
  2. Wow, how did you find a place that offered blood tests for only $55?! Mines been $126 each time
  3. You'll just have to do a lot of research to find the most affordable ways. For me it has costed about $325 a month for everything (blood work, doctor visit, and the perscription).
  4. Im doing it without insurance...so far its been about $240 for the perscription, $50 for the office visit, and $90 for the lab work, all per month.
  5. Whats your skin care routine like? If your derm told you it was rosacea it probably is, and thats way more likely than still having redness from the accutane. Rosacea is something you can aquire, it doesnt matter if youve never had it before.
  6. Yeah they can absolutley help to ease the redness and hydrate...just let them know about the accutane and what your concerns are right off the bat so they can focus on them.
  7. Wow, congratulations Im amazed you didnt experience dry skin at all?! Were you doing anything that you think might have prevented that?
  8. Question- So while taking Accutane, its advised not to take vitamin supplements containing vitamin A. Do you think because all elements are requried for this regimin to work, that it wouldnt be worth it just to take the vitamin A out? Should I just wait until im done with the course to try this out?
  9. The tab. And I have been eating with it...maybe ill just try drinking more water also.
  10. Just wondering, for those who have experienced this, if you just stopped right away or pushed through it? Im hoping that it will go away eventually...is that just wishful thinking?
  11. Cool, thanks. So were you on each for like half of your full course? Why did you decide to switch? Thanks!