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  1. try again with a higher dosage, dont give up
  2. if i was told i would have acne untill i am 45, i would take accutane untill then... fuck my liver , i rather die than have this shit
  3. it's not permanent... it works like antiboitics but a lot faster the results should last a few months
  4. i got some horrible breakouts on my back, couldnt sleep at night for a month because of the pain... but i started 1mg/1kg from day one. good thing this shit is now over it was a nightmare
  5. what is your dosage and weight?
  6. haven't got out of my room half a year now try to beat that
  7. i turned 20 few days ago, and what i got for my birthday ?? a fuckin new box of roaccutane fuckin acne ruined my life
  8. fuck antibiotics go for ACCUTANE 1mg/1kg send this mothafuckas to hell !!!!!!!
  9. hey, i think this poll will help us learn more about how genetic is acne... just write what age you start having acne, how old are you now, how bad is it the same for your family, have they grown out of it? i'll start - -i'm 20, having acne since 15.5, it's started pretty mild on my face became worst over the years it spread to my back and arms and now it's the worst ever. -my only brother is 17 and having it since 14, no so much on his face but most on his back. -my father is 51 and had ac
  10. it's worth it !!!!! best thing ever !!! taking it for 2 months and 20 days , maximum dosage 1mg/1kg and have NO side effects... at least not something noticeable