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  1. Dr. Kenneth Arndt at Skincare physicians in Chestnut hill Massachusetts (west of Boston) was good for my 3rd round of silicone injections. I relocated near Boston so I did not want to make the trip to see Dr. Langdon in Guilford, CT. I continue to advocate for microdroplet silicone injection technique and deter anyone from "fractional lasers." I'm seeing good improvement with each session. I do believe that doctors will stretch the truth and tell you that you only need 3 sessions when you r
  2. This is not a new procedure! Please only make statements if they are well thought out and researched, and at least a little intelligent. That is the problem with these boards.
  3. And just to give you something else to think about, we all know that money runs the show. The doctors such as the one in the first article will make more money be generating repeat patients by injecting non-permanent fillers every 4-6 months. It's a quick and expensive procedure which generates so much money for the doctor. If I were a doctor looking to get rich, I'd much rather talk badly about silicone and treat a patient 50 times instead of 3-4 times. So the doctor isn't technically wrong
  4. Tricia, it's good to see you are looking out for complications as we all should be. However, you're first link is from a doctor's website and it seems as though it is more for an add for this doctor. The second link is good, but even towards the end it explains more about why the overwhelming majority of these complications have come about. That is to say that years ago, non-physicians were injecting non-medical grade silicone into people, which accounts for so much of the complications seen
  5. Sorry about that, I guess they were removed from the website link.
  6. Good articles: http://www.palmbeachcosmetic.com/articles/...arins-beer2.pdf http://aad2008.omnibooksonline.com/data/merged/FRM-534.pdf http://www.prettyskinagain.com/assets/Liqu...ftTissueAug.pdf
  7. Actually, after looking at my scars, I'm going to say that they are 60-70% improved. I try not to pay attention because a watched pot won't boil.
  8. Pumpkin head, I had 2 profractionals done 1 year ago and my scars are still slightly pinkish! These lasers (fraxel and profractional and mixto and whatever) are poor. I wish the word could get out so that no money can be made using these fruitless lasers.
  9. It's so hard to estimate the improvement when guessing depth. I'll guess 40-50% improvement after 2 sessions, but the silicone will continue to grow for at least 3 months post-injection. So I may be still improving. I know that I will have 1-2 more sessions. Silicone is safe and effective when performed by an experienced medical doctor. Seriously, don't waste time and money on things that don't work. It drives my nuts reading about people who are talking about fraxel and other such lasers,
  10. I cannot feel the silicone, but I only have small scars. There's really only a small amount injected and your own collagen forms around it. This is done in a series of several injections spaced apart. I too was a little afraid of injecting a permanent foreign substance, but it really isn't bad and it really is the only thing that will work on atrophic scars. I think that people get the impression that it's like breast implants for your scars, but it's not like that at all. Seriously, all
  11. I'm curious to know if anyone has tried the skin care physicians of chestnut hill in Boston for silicone injections? I need to have 1-2 more sessions and have relocated near Boston, and may not be able to easily see my PS in CT. Another interesting piece of info that I came across via the internet had to do with being able to correct any over-corrections from silicone. I'd be interested to know more about what can be done should the silicone injections lead to possible over-correction. Let
  12. Dr. Langdon does it. Just call his office. I've had 2 with him. So far I've seen some results, but it does take time. He told me that he has done > 150 of these procedures, which really means 75. However, I have faith that at the very least he won't screw anything up, as he has been somewhat cautious with me. The only strange thing is is that he initially told me that he would do 3 courses of injections at 2 month intervals, but after the second course, he said that he wanted me to wait
  13. I had my last profractional done 10 months ago and my skin is still pinkish. Doctors are liars and we are all guinea pigs for their new lasers. Wear sunblock. I've read much and talked with my MD who feels that the redness from a laser will always go away within 2 years. You have to think about progress in terms of months instead of weeks or days. It sucks. Help sread the word that these lasers suck as the results are either: no results with ok downtime or significant downtime with very l
  14. The silicone stays local so I would expect that it'd be fine. However, I would email or call an MD to make sure.
  15. I got my 2nd round of silicone today. If the final result makes my scars look as they do now (with some mild swelling) then I will be very happy. I have to wait 6 months to see if I will need a 3rd and final round. I agree, we should get the word out that silicone by a reputable doctor is the way to go for the most part, and the lasers are not good. To anyone worried about downtime, I would have felt perfectly comfortable going home after the procedure, washing my face, putting on sunblock