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  1. hi guys, i got this pimple that seems to be a cyst, it was big last week but now it is way smaller, I wanted to get a shot of cortizone but i didnt have $$$ to visit the derm....the cyst is now small but i know its still there, it turned purple, like a bruise, i guess that will go away ? what should i use to get rid of the cyst if i cannot get a shot of cortizone? thanks!
  2. hmmm many of that people you think might have CLEAR and PERFECT skin have minor imperfections like one or two pimples and one or two little scars that might be big FOR THEM, ive met gorgeous women who told me their skin sucked because they had mild oily skin in their nose area lol see?
  3. lmao why do you wanna have a girlfriend man? that is a problem. Go out, have fun, score with many women, meet tons of chicks, what are you gonna limit yourself for with only one woman when you can find one better at the end of the street? you cant ask for stuff like that like if it were candy, those things come naturally, the more you beg for it the worst it is, take my advice and go out, meet woman, eventually you will be dating one or two and out of nowhere someone special will appear
  4. dude, i will be honest with you, is not that is ''NOTHING'', i understand your pain brother, seriously, you have mild acne, your pimples are few, what you have is some scars and hyperpigmentation that im pretty sure will fade away with time, in the meantime you MUST GO ON, you cannot let that shit stop you, you are handsome, everytime i go to college i see these handicapped kids who cant even open a door by themselves, imagine how mad they would be at you for wasting the life and health they wou
  5. there is NO proof that fast food or greasy food causes acne, i would address the development of acne to other things like stress, genes, hormonal imbalance, etc oh and weather, since extreme cold can irritate your skin, i know there is no absolute proof of that either, but i buy that more than food causing acne
  6. you would put your mind and interest on another defect in your body or any other problem in your life, obviously acne sucks, but regardless of the existence of acne, life sucks as well
  7. then coming here to acne.org to post shit doesn't have any sense right? or even better, if it is a waste of time why did you get into this thread and answered in such a retarded way in first place? what '' A WASTE OF TIME'' lmao... Therefore you should of kept your mouth shut in the first place. you sir, are the man.
  8. no no no no and NO... personally, i dont care about two or three pimples in a girl, if he said you are beautiful is because you are and your beauty will overwhelm those insignificant pimples you have, he doesnt know why you are being indiferent, he doesnt have a crystal ball baby, so you gotta go for it!!
  9. andre0385


  10. I SWEAR, SWEAR that the beach cleared all the acne in my back, sure it wasnt thaT much but idk, what it was, maybe the salty water or the sun but i have zero backne now, i strongly suggest you to do it man
  11. come on man there are tons of people with acne that goes to the club, i have my acne under control but i got one friend that got a serious case of acne, the guy is a party animal, he goes to manhattan on friday and gets wasted until sunday afternoon haha
  12. man, you seem to be a pretty normal guy, there are so many people like you who feel they dont have a path to follow or a purpose in life. I add myself to that list, i barely have one or two pimples so this got nothing to do with acne...i got you, i feel the same way
  13. if you are 16 sure you can grow more, you should go to the doctor so he can order a hormonal test and prolly give you a treatment