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  1. At night i usually use some aquaphor or neutrogena's overnight lip crap before i go to bed and it helps alot. during the day my favorite is Neutrogena's Instant Lip Rememedy. However, Blistex medicated lip ointment works well.
  2. Dont waste your time. i took doxy for 2 months and it did shit. i went on accutane and im clear.
  3. For my first month on Accutane I did not take creatine. THen my second month i started lifting again and used creatine. My derm told me my tests showed that the creatine inflamed my liver and told me to go off of it. If you want to lift on Acctuane just take protein shakes; its all you need anyways with or without tane.
  4. dont, accutane is enough and will work the clear skin regimen i would only suggest to people who only break out in certain places like ONLY the chin or ONLY the forehead. I was on the regimen for a year by applying BP all over my face and it was jus too much work even tho i got good results. Ive been on accutane for 2 months and taking a pill twice a day is much easier and offers much better, long lasting results.
  5. I pay $8 a month, its the flat fee for generic. Im on 40mg twice daily, in my 6th week
  6. Is using nair (the stuff that dissolves the hair) on accutane safe for both the body and face?
  7. I went to my derm, he gave me blood work papers, i got my blood work done, then asked for a Sotret Perscription, picked up the perscription, and got it filled all within a week and a half. Im on my 6th week of accutane.
  8. if its expensive, ask your derm to write you a prescription for a generic brand. of accutane. Make sure your it is qualified with your insurance company I take sotret and its $8 a month while accutane would of been like $160.
  9. i dont moisturizer and my skin is not excessively dry, its still a bit shiny (face only). I have been on 40mg once daily with very good results this month, and I will be on 30mg twice daily next month (60mg total).
  10. hmm, thatsn not good. how much longer will muscles take to repair themselves? is it significant? and why does this happen and is there anyway to minimize this?
  11. Accutane affects how the skin heals and all that and makes it more fragile and prone to cuts or scrapes, etc. Im just wondering does it have an affect on how long it takes muscles to repair themselves after intensley working out. Usually it takes a few days, is this prolonged by accutane?
  12. P.S. Blistex medicated lip ointment by far works the best on my lips. I just load it up, let it absorb for like 10 mins, then wipe away the excess. Aquaphor is the next best, but is too shiny and doesnt work like blistex. Chapstick is shit and doesnt do anything.
  13. A day or two ago i went to my derm for my follow up visit for Accutane. Ive been on tane for almost a month, clearing up nicely. He said I looked very shiny and told me not to moisturizer at all and let the medicine do the work. My skin is hardly dry at all, and now since i started using cetaphil's gentle cleanser in the morning and at night (if i dont get lazy). My lips are VERY dry however, and i feel a little dryness in my eyes every now and then. Other than that, things are going good. The
  14. JJFlyers97


    My pics 5 days into my accutane treatment, no real change
  15. i used to spend like 10 min showering, then 5 mins washing/shaving, then like 10min applying bp, then another 5 for the lotion. Now i just shower, shave with an electric razor, and take a yellow pill called accutane.