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  1. 30-35 mJ is the energy delivered, which corresponds to depth of the mirco-wound created 6 is the treatment level, and represents the density of the microwounds (# of wounds per area of your skin) Number of passes is the number of times the tech goes over your skin and is related to density (more passes = more wounds laid down) you want higher settings for more severe scarring. the density is always important (you probably want at least TL 8). the depth is important relative to the severi
  2. Hi - I am hoping someone can help me understand the fraxel II laser settings. I am getting treated for pock marks, large pores, and fine lines. But, I am prone to malasma/hyperpigmentation. I asked the tech which setting she was using and she said 6 and 30-35 and did 4 passes. Does anyone know what these settings mean and what kind of results I can expect? Are they the correct settings for the treatment/results I am seeking. I just want to get my money's worth. Should I request that she