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  1. Toners are not a bunch of crap. They do work. I love them and find that they help the skin. The common myth is that they're used to open or close pores. That's totally false. Pores are not like windows, they cannot be open and shut like that. As for the whole non-comodogenic thing, there is no ruling by the FDA on non-comodogenic or non-allergenic. ANYTHING can be labeled so, they only need to test on one person to get that lable.
  2. A tan is actually the side effect of damage to the skin. It's not healthy or a good thing. Some exposure to the sun is good, but only about 10-15 minutes a day. Never go without sunblock with at least a 30 SPF as well as one which blocks UVA & UVB rays, otherwise it's pretty much useless.
  3. Be very wary of products that are so called "non- comedogenic". There have not been released specific guidelines as to what can or cannot be deemed "non- comedogenic". Look at the ingredients list first before you buy.
  4. Then you might as well not use a toner, it really doesn't have enough time to work unless it's kept on the skin. Toner keeps working long after applied.
  5. i agree with MDawg. I also like that it isn't sticky.
  6. Facials!! MoM masks do work, just be careful not to do them more than 2 days a week.
  7. Lady Bug: I'm lucky I only get the occasional eczema breakout on my face, but I've got a medicated cream for that. It's not too difficult to find products, it's all pretty much touch and go. Here's my regimen: 1) cleanse face with Spectro Gel for sensitive, problem proned skin 2) wipe dry and apply Ginseng Skin Toner by Caryl Baker Visage (excellent stuff, can be ordered offline at http://www.carylbakervisage.com/ I highly reccomend her products! ) 3) wait 10 min and apply BP gel 4) wait 5-10
  8. Yes, definately a dry, clean face. Wait about 10 min between applying BP and Moisturizer. many people go w/out moisturizer but the benifit of moisturizer is that it'll seal it all in and with SPF it adds protection as well. I'd definately give it another try.
  9. I personally found that it dried out my skin and irritated it. I've got sensitive skin with eczema so that's probably why. Although also while being an esthetician I saw a lot of people bring this product in with acne and a lot complained about burning, peeling, and cysts. It works for some but not for all. But also I also question how you can have moistureizer with a drying agent?
  10. Personally I think 5 steps sounds like wayyyyyy too many products on the skin for my liking.
  11. I think there were posts not too long ago saying that this is not a good product.
  12. Toner isn't supposed to be rinsed off. I'd personally wait about 10 minutes between toner and applying BP. I've added Toner to my regimen and it's helped me a lot.
  13. Maybe it's just a busy time. I got mine within 7 business days.