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  1. Hey guys, I've been doing Ok, I picked a little today and last night, but the last couple days before that have been good. My face looks SOO much better when I don't pick!!
  2. I've been doing.....eh.... Ok. I'm know that I'm definitely better then I was before the challenge. I've been picking on average probably ten minutes a day. I need to completely stop. Scars are not good things!! I was just noticing today that I have scars. yikes! Well I'm getting better one day at a time. hope y'all are too. : )
  3. Today, and yesterday I didn't do so good. I picked probably around 20 or more both days. Humph! : ( How is everybody else doing? Considering the facts, I'm not doing so bad. Good luck guys, and keep up the good work!
  4. today i popped 5 zits. I love it when I don't pick!! My skin looks 100% better! : )
  5. Hey, I've decided I'm going to post the number of pimples I pop every day. ( I know, it's gross, but whatever it takes! ) Besides that way, if I'm counting I'm a lot more aware of my picking, and I'm not just randomly picking. So today-- ten. ick! If anyone else wants to try this, then go for it! It seemed to help me today. Hey......we could even get a contest going! Anyone? : )
  6. I picked a little tonight, dang it!! Well tomorrow I'm starting again, and I'm NOT giving up this time!! It's sad when you realize how many scars your making.....drives me crazy. Anyway, Good job guys!! (and girls!) lol
  7. Hey, I have a challenge for stopping picking. You should try it. Check out the "stop picking challenge" I hope this helps! (Yeah I've done that before too, I hate mirrors!! not really!) Good luck
  8. Well I picked on Thurs. and of course it made my face look horrible! : ( I'm starting over though, So as of August 8th I'm pick free! I'm trying not to be too discouraged, 'cause I know that this is working. (slowly but surely) For instance I used to pick badly almost every night, and now I can make it a week with out picking. Hopefully I'll just keep getting better! Anyway, good job all you people! sounds like some of you are making good progress!! : ) Keep it up!
  9. I picked a little tonight, but not much. My goal is to stop picking at night, and I've done pretty well with that so far, I've drastically reduced picking, but I need to completely stop! I know! It soo hard! Yes, I would strongly recommend staying away from mirrors as much as possible, it helps. Especially stay away when you have free time on your hands! And anyone who messes up, don't be discouraged, just start over.... and every time your tempted to pick remember how bad it made you face look
  10. Hey guys! Thanks for responding! Like papercrane, I'm at my worst at night when I wash my face, so I'm going to really concentrate on just washing my face and going strait to bed! Well day one is over, ONLY 29 DAYS TO GO!!!! lol : )
  11. Ok, well I heard somewhere that it takes 30 days to break a habit, and for me picking at my face is a really bad habit! So I've decided I'm going to totally stop picking my face for 30 days and see what happens! If anyone wants to join me.......AWESOME! I'll try to post at least every week or so. Keep me updated on how your doing. The way I have it figured since I'm starting today then I'll have to make it through August 28 or 29.
  12. Ok I started this a few weeks ago and then started picking again. I need someone to hold me accountable!! Hmmmm........Got any other ideas on how to stop? it's seriously ruining my face!!!
  13. I'm in!! But like other people said, I'll only pop the really noticeable nasty ones. I hope this helps. Ok I picked yesterday, so starting today, I'm pick free since 7/9/08, I'll see how long I can keep that up.
  14. What's the best way to get rid of blackheads on your nose?
  15. Basically I just have white heads and black heads, and really small zits that are under the surface of my skin. ( you can't even see them, but I can feel them) the problem is that I pop every little thing on my face, so all the small whiteheads turn all red and inflamed..... what's a good way to get rid of whiteheads and to stop picking at my face? thanks!