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  1. B-5 is making me breakout my skin is really tender. i had been taking the pills with food and trying to space out the 20 pills a day. at lunch i was taking my second set and i started feeling a bit sick then in the evening i was taking the third set but without food about 20 min later my stomach was ultra nauseous and got sick. is this natural? i know i took it without food but it was already making me sick to begin with. Im sacred to take it again before i know if the nausea is natural.
  2. My brother had awful acne on his back and face though it is pretty light on his chest. About a week ago i got some head and shoulders for him after hearing about it on this forum. Well long story short it has worked wonders though he cant use it on his face (he says it burns). His back is almost completely healed one stubborn active and the rest are red light red healing skin. im hoping to get rid of it and then just do some preventative maintenance on it to keep it that way.
  3. Upped the B-5 to 10g today the skin around the breakouts is tender. surprisingly my face isnt oily its pretty dry so i have to make sure i keep it moisturized.
  4. I heard that you may have an initial break out with B-5, but does it work that fast, i had 6 sprout over night .I'm gonna stick to it and hope that it just means its working
  5. The powder is instant tea. I personally don't believe in instant anything. I try to stick with only loose leaf teas, you can see what is in it and its not all ground up with who knows what kind of fillers. Though i do enjoy numi tea they have a great selection of them. its not loose but in a bag still its a good brand. i like the toasted rice and another one which is some kind of green tea with mint. Very relaxing stuff try the sampler, got mine at target.
  6. yes you walk around with it in your hair all day its like a leave in conditioner. if you have long hair 1 tablespoon, plus acv if you want, for your whole head isnt much. i do it once a week and have no problems it just makes my hair shiny and soft.
  7. Added B-5 today pores look smooth feeling good.
  8. i heard the biotin works very well for hair loss. also im not sure about the acv being bad for the hair loss. i use a diluted mixture of 1 tbl acv 1 tbl hone with 4 cups water. makes my hair super shiny and soft. dont wash it out. if you have short hair half the water. The acv should make your hair stronger because it makes the the scales on the hair shaft lay flat which should help with breakage.
  9. I would use a cotton ball better control plus you dont want to get it in your eyes. Close your eyes while you apply and dont open them till it doesnt smell as strong. It make your eyes water if you dont. Use the organic kind because you dont know what kind of pesticides and such were used. The organic is more beneficial with the nutrients and not processed as much so its unfiltered and still contains the mother. If you have a choice always chose organic if you can. Oh and leave it on i do mine a
  10. Does it mater which one you use? My brother has really bad backne. I didnt want to spend 8 bucks on a ginormous bottle and the only small one they had was minty fresh so i got that one.
  11. I just started doing this a couple days ago but i use a 50% solution of Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner. normally i have very oily skin but when i do it at night i wake up my face isnt greasy. Mostly after i wash my face its greasy after an hour at least.
  12. What is a safe level of vitamin A to take i was reading up on it and it says that 10,000 I.U. is the highest you should go because of bone issues. Right now im keeping it safe and taking 8,000 I.U.
  13. I started this a couple days ago >*{Morning}*< Wash face with grape seed shea complexion bar soap use bamboo face pad to gently exfoliate one side is really soft like terry cloth the other is rough i use the rough side once a week Apply homemade witchhazel tee tree toner wait for face to dry Spot treat with burts bees blemish stick let that soak in then apply garnier nutritioniste lotion to whole face i added tea tree to it (im just trying to get rid of this lotion when its gone im gonn
  14. I have no problem with the wholemeal stuff. un-processed food is best but the pepsi max isnt really good. one it contains caffeine and two its contains aspartame which gives me headaches. i stay away from anything that is sugar free. i found an article on aspartame which you might find interesting http://www.sweetpoison.com/aspartame-information.html here is a little snippit on some of the dangers "Aspartame and PKU This sugar substitute, sold commercially as Equal and NutraSweet, was hailed a
  15. Hmmm i have never used facebook but i like myspace its great way to keep in contact with people. Im about to move to Germany so its nice that i will still be able to talk to my friends from my old job not have to worry about the hassle of snail mail or the cost of a phone call and such.