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  1. I ve started to get rings of peeled skin on my palms.. and to my amazement, me feet too... I read this is an uncommon effect, but it said palms and SOLES... yet I have it all over my feet (and it doesnt seem to be athletes foot as it isnt itchynor responding to treatment!) anyopne else had this? any ideas on how to treat it? (I really dont want ugly hands as well as ugly lips and pink dry skin!! lol)
  2. Hey! Info: on 50mg a day.. recently moved up from 20mg (barely any side effects.) Dry lips were expected, but Im now getting what feel and look like whiteheads (they seem to just be lumps though.) on the outsides of my lips... one of them has become so irritated its developed into a cold sore looking thing... its not pretty. How do I deal with destroying it? plus my top lip looks chapped - like when they are exposed to cold weather HEeeeeeelppp?
  3. Be careful... i had a go at my blackheads gently once and had no problem... then got a little rougher (not expecting problems..) and have had patchy circles of sore, red, dry skin ever since... about 3 weeks....GUTTED. if you do squeeze...squeeze rarely!!!
  4. I had moderate acne and started on 20mg for over 2 months... Derm has now put me up to 50mg, and Im thinking of returning to 20mg.. its such an easy ride... a longer one (10 months compared to 4, she says.)... but so easy! 20mg for 6 monthsd sounds perfect to me. As long as you have enough mg/kg of weight apparently its fine!
  5. I went to my dermo the other day, and she told me that they always aim to get accutane treatment to a mg to every kg of patient weight... my question is; I weighed 60kg when I started accutane... Im now 55kg, and im still dieting down - so in a few months, I will be under 50kg.. She hasnt weighed me since I started this treatment and now im taking 50mg a day... so if I do drop my weight to below 50kg... do I have to lower my mg per day?
  6. Went back to dermo for mymonth check up (2 months infact, my appointment was moved..gr) I expected to be told that Id just be on 20mg for another monthor so... totally unaware you have to actually take enough mg for your kilogram weight for it to be long lasting she bumped me up to 50mg now - so Im dreadign the side effects. However she did say, IF I really dont like being on 50mg, I can drop to 20mg but I will be on it for ALOT longer (aka 10 months...) so apparently im 1000mg into my 700
  7. indeed... miracle drug! When I started I really did not believe itd work... I thought Id be really unlucky! So glad I was wrong! Have you completed a course? I wondered if my blackheads will eventually dissapear like the spots? My 'trouble' areas (nose and chin) still seem to attract the buggers!! p.s. Thanks for believing me!
  8. They r both moi just the first is zoomed in and i have no bra on as the photo was taken for the dermotologist and the second is ust for me so I can look back and see the progression Its a shame I cut my head out; then people might actually stop accusing me of lying lol... but oh well, I know how far Ive come P.s. the first was taken with my head down which highlights my traps... second was with straight posture Obv different shots
  9. I havnt had a spot in weeks... and yesterday I found a hugeee lump underneath my bra strap bloody spot!!! I cleanly rid of it, and now its gone... ISO is AMAZING! Im hoping it stays this good!!
  10. Plus cheers for the confidence boost... obviously shows how well my treatment is going! My skins peeling on my face quite a bit now and its itchy frequently:( but im still happy, its clear (i had one little outbreak of 2 spots on my shoulder, but nothing else!) AND I used to get greasy hair, meaning washing it pratically every day at least... now I can leave it a bit longer
  11. LMAO are you lot serious? firstly, WHY the hell would I post a pic of a guy with a spotty back, then my own (or another girls?)... unless I worked for the roaccutane company? Secondly... the pictures are not equal distances, so obviously they look different. Anyway, yeah both pictures are me. Im a muscly girl.. end of
  12. Try antibiotics first... (if you havnt already) I turned down Accutane about 10 years ago, and antibiotics worked well for me for a long time (well until now, but im ust unlucky )
  13. Ahh well, at least we are all wise now, and on the tane! My skins pretty itchy alot, and my lips go from being really chapped, to okay and so on... but tbh, everything is pretty good. My scalp is itchy alot, anyone had this and used anything for it that you can reccomend? Eve
  14. OTC are exactly the same as prescribed anyway... and they are complete different midecations so I guess its fine... well I hope so as im on 10mg a day of Loratadine (aka, most the ones in the shop like 'Clarytin' Bf was too whilst takinf accutane...