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  1. at least im not the only one i consider my self a bit insane just a teensy winsy bit
  2. acne.org and some times i talk to my self ( how lame is that)
  3. any thing sweet like candy,cake,sugary stuff i also cant drink milk there are other stuff to
  4. quite a bit i dont chat much just read post and chat with friends
  5. I been on benzaclin for 13 weeks now im not clear but im still haning in there i do belive i had a intial break out 2 weeks later i saw huge improvement on my skin and then like another couple of weeks by skin was mild breaking out slowly and it got worse. Right now my skin just have marks, benzaclin does take a long time to work take it for 2-6weeks thats when you should see improvment. You will recieve alot of dryness from this med you will need a mosterizer
  6. o man you should read about what happen about me today its under emotional effects of acne now thats sad dermpatron gn all
  7. im doing group projects right now with dumbbutts but o well i shut up and keep my head down pretending to do work
  8. i would like a hug thats nice but im ok now i but on benzaclin and im watching tv i have another bad motto i say to my self usually say this when im at home saturday nights and feeling bad it is '' I figure it out this way if i still have bad acne when im in my twenties im going to kill my self cuz thats when you get all the action and have the ability to do alot of stuff why suffer more when there no hope right?'' its a little motto i say to my self to keep my self going really it helps me whe
  9. 16 but it always hit my confidence thats what im based on my if my skin is good i get to put confidence 80 percent up maybe 90 but its usually 90% low i havent put my confidence high in months like 4 or 6 or more i forget
  10. im always stressed out but im going to play Homeworld that and taking a bath lessens stress. thnx bud
  11. i dont know what to recomend nothing really worked for me, but if you need a friend im always here thats if you want a 16yr as afriend
  12. ok well ive had this pimple for a couple of days and its been growing and growing and i know not to pop them so i never did but today it was really HUGE im talking about mondo. Any way im going to school today depressed as usual and my dad tells me i have a huge pimple. Big woop i new that arldy i didnt get mad he tells me that when ever i break out bad im use to it. But as school went on around 3rd period im sitting next to a dumm ass in science class, and he talking about fungis and stuff(th
  13. yeah i do hate when that happens matangles and i dont think i have any of those acne posters then again i dont really walk around the school.
  14. I remember in the beginning of the year during my English class this Pretty boy with clear skin he makes a cruel joke about another clear skin guy who had 1 huge zit. and every one started laughing i felt so bad i wanted to kick his ass.
  15. yeah when they used to give those damm acne commercials i did feel people would be looking at me. I have a HUGE red Pimple thingy, it hurts like hell but i dont pick at it. when i talk to people i know they arnt looking at my eyes they are looking at my huge pimple, i could tell by the expression by there face. 5 years of acne ive had i just hope it clears up one day so i can find peace.