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  1. i'm still getting new ones. all the time, when one goes away, at least one more has to replace it. once the ones i had last week went away, they got replaced within hours with 3 new ones. :(
  2. i still have acne and in 9 days i'm going in for my derm appointment to start my 4th month. what could be the problem? has anyone else experienced this?
  3. it doesn't hurt. but it makes some people dizzy and even pass out. i hate the feeling of needles in my blood veins, and i usually have panic attacks or get super dizzy. but this last time i did alright. i just thought about different things and drank water.
  4. just a while ago my stool came with come blood, i felt a little constipated and then along came the blood. it was bright red and i'm really worried. also, lately i've had some weird upper-right abdominal pains, not like a sharp pain... (it's hard to describe) it's almost like a twisting or cramping pain... and kind of feels cold and heavy. but it's not a muscle. i think it's my liver?? it hurts worse whenever i eat too much or breath in too deeply. sometimes when i lay down or sometimes it ju
  5. alcohol dehydrates you. accutane dehydrates you. i think you can put two and two together.
  6. i've been depressed for almost a year a few years ago, then i realized i was over-reacting. sure, i had lost my mom to ALS(what a horrible way to go, i hope no one EVER gets this disease), but it was never my fault, even though i felt like it was. i still blame myself for not being with her when she passed away, but i know she loved me. but i know she's still with me in my heart and in her watercolors, oil pastels, her calligraphy sets, etc etc ( she loved to paint and i do too; now i paint for
  7. i heard flax seed oil helps with muscle/joint pains. is it okay to mix accutane (amnesteem) and flax seed oil supplements?
  8. hah yeah. i'm pretty sure i'm not going to involve myself in football, seeming as i'm a girl. but thanks, i'll think i'll do swimming.
  9. i'm starting accutane, and i'll have a new picture every month.
  10. i agree! birth control makes it harder to wear contacts for a long period of time, too.
  11. if you think he's wrong, consult another dermatologist. they may be telling you not to moisturize for a reason, what ever that may be. dermatologist just practice dermatology (like most doctors), they don't really know much about it, and usually make educated guesses.
  12. i heard it causes joint soreness and muscle weakness. what can i do for that? i heard taking fish oil works, but is there a vegan/vegetarian alternative to fish oil?
  13. i heard it helps with joint soreness while on accutane, what can i substitute it with? i don't like the fact of eating some fish's "secretions"... is there a vegetarian/vegan alternative?
  14. deadbeat007, i read that you have dermatitis, i do too, i have a small patch. my dermatologist gave me some hydrocortisone cream and it's been keeping the dermatitis away for a year or more now, i suggest you give it a try (apply it once everyday) unless you've tried it already.