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  1. red marks are never permanent. i have endless spots everywhere. it will just take forever to fade.
  2. o ok. well ive been putting it one in certian areas before night. so how often shud i put it on?
  3. nooo u cant order it from online. but its working! he gave me three bottles. all of them have miniature round white "pills" (not really pills but idk what else to call them) and i have to take them four times a day, and four pills from each bottle with five mins between each bottle. its ocmplicated. i use to have whit head on my chin tht u cant really see unless u look real closely for like 6 years. they are actually going away!!! so this is def homepathic medicine. it took forever!
  4. sorry. i was in a hurry. ok so during the summer i visited india and my parents took me to a homeopathic doctor. he checked my skin and asked me about a thousand questions..one was even if i had nightmeres. i had to tell hime EVERYthing about myself. He then gave me a 6 months supply of medication (each person has there own kind of medication). and like i said above im still clearing up. Im pretty positive there is a Homeopathic doctor somewhere in any city. If this works out ill update and ho
  5. does it help with acne blemishes? i have so many dark blemishes tht even goin out of my house is horrible. i hate showing my face to people. i really need something for these red marks!
  6. ok so ive been on homeopathic medication for about four months now. its been hard because this medication makes u break ALOT more causing all ur bacteria inside ur skin to come out. The doctor told me tht once all of the bacteria is out i will no longer get acne agian. my forhead use to be filled with inflammaatory acne, cysts etc... but itss all gone now! my cheeks are still breaking out but im hoping ittl get clear like my forehead. homeopathic medication has no side effects but it takes forev
  7. ok so about two days ago i get his red swelling area on the side of my nose. i thought to myself its just a pimple coming through. and the next day i look at it, its swollen, about one inch wide and long, with clear lesion looking things on it. im pretty sur eits and infection because when i picked it clear liquid cam out and now it looks like a scab. i CANNOT go to school with this on my face. i already was forced to face some of my friends today when ihad to take the ACT in the morning
  8. ok now im confused?? they have tablets?
  9. ok well i just started to use acv a couple days ago. is it bad tht i havent been diluting it with water??? and ive had these red marks for a year now...do u think they will fade?
  10. &&&


    is it really that good? i mean i know it helps but does it have the same effect on acne like the ussuall topicals do? has anyone tried and got great results?
  11. would u guys recomend taking ACV with minocyline? and the red spots tht ocurr...do they look real bad?
  12. ok ill try the the ice. anything else? this ones really hard as well. i rarely get these
  13. Yea, well i have one. im goin to have christmas pictures taken and i need this GONE! any advice? pleease help. ive tried loading it with BP..but nothing
  14. yea i agree. tea is natural so it wudnt harm ur skin. mabye its some allergic reaction?
  15. thats weird. what brand of green tea did u use? or u mite have just added a lot of sugar to ur tea. i add nothing to mine.