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  1. I just need to vent.....I've always struggled with acne (sometimes cystic) but was always able to cover up fairly well with makeup. I've been working with a dermatologist over the summer what she thought seemed to be peri-oral/peri-ocular dermatitis that progressed into rosacea. About 2 weeks ago it became very apparent that both of those diagnoses were incorrect and that I was having some sort of severe contact dermatitis. To reduce the severe inflamation/blistering/swelling/dryness I was on a
  2. Hi folks, I was just wondering if anyone out there has had sucess as a long distance customer of Face Reality Skin Care? My derm has told me that I have combo moderate acne/rosacea - but nothing she's given me so far is helping. I've been reading about FR services and they've gotten great reviews. I'm intrigued, since they seem to be really focused on dealing just with acne issues. Since I don't live in the San Fran area, I wondered how sucessful their long distance services are. Has anyone o
  3. Well, I just had an interesting coversation with my dermatologist. I'm not sure if she's right or not - logically what she told me didn't seem to make any sense. Instead of decreasing my doseage of Doxy she wanted me to double(!!!) it, since I had a lot of redness and inflamation. I do have several active spots (more this morning! Oh joy!) Here's the kicker though - she told me that Doxy isn't anti-bacterial, it's more anti-inflammatory. While I know that Doxy has some anti-inflamatory to it, I
  4. Hi folks, Hope I'm posting this to the right board. I'm wondering just what I need to expect in the next couple of weeks? I've been on Dan's regimen since the end of January 2008 - about the time I started this, I also started taking 100 mg per day of Doxycycline. I've had acne since my early teens - the end of last year I started breaking out worse than ever and had spots that were painful and stuck around for quite a while. After visiting the derm and getting doxy, I stayed on the regimine
  5. Thanks for the responses ya'll. I haven't used much BP at all - which is part of the issue I'm having. If I stop using it - I do start to break out again unfortunately. I've just been spot treating the areas with the nutrogena on the spot treatment.I know I tend to break out more and hoping that takes care of that for the time being. I don't think I'll go back to using Dan's BP - at least for now. But, I'm still fighting the flaky/oily issue. I tried some jojoba oil this weekend - so far it
  6. Okay, here is my story. Maybe some of you all have had this particular issue also and will know what I need to do different. Late in January 2008, I started the regimen using Nuetrogena On the Spot and a washcloth to exfoliate - within a few weeks I was up to the full amount and having no trouble. I also used topical clindamyacin and doxycycline. My normally very oily skin took to that beautifully. I would use sunscreen daily due to taking the anibodic and moiturize using Mary Kay Timewise as