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  1. omg, kecleon hahaha

  2. one time a random lady in a store told me to do whatever for my acne and i was already in a shit mood so i just said SHUT THE FUCK UP and walked away. i kinda feel bad but whatever
  3. i wasnt sure if it was OK for spot treatment, thanks tho
  4. Well I have mostly redmarks left over and my dr prescribed me a cream to help with redmarks/rosacea, but i do get a breakout once in a while and i want to know if it is OK to put some leftover retin-a on some pimples that i have as a spot treatment.. thanks for any help
  5. I dont think you have to tell him..if he breaks it off with him bc of an IB he's an ass anways
  6. i dont know you, but i just looked at your pics, and youre like really pretty. no joke
  7. mine got bad at the end of freshman year in HS..im a freshman in college now.. dont break out nearly as much anymore, just dealing with red marks and small break out maybe once a week thats usally not a big deal
  8. and i also forgot to mention not wearing it could help your red marks clear up faster mayb?
  9. just try and go cold turkey, sure youl get some remarks the first week or so but after youl prob be glad you did it
  10. Johnson and Johnson makes it.. its called Purpose- Redness Reducing Moisturizer..i got it today cus i need a moisturizer and i saw that... if any one has used it does it reduce redness?? this is wat it is http://www.purposeskincare.com/images/prod_RR.jpg
  11. lol it has been rough .,.. i think the main thing is finding something to do whenever u think about. i hope i can keep it going tho