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  1. Do they help toning at all? I'm mostly dealing with red/brown spots, I have very mild acne, just a few whiteheads and red spots under the skin but I mostly have leftover marks that have been lingering for a while now.
  2. Like the title says...Can clay masks break you out ever? My acne isn't too bad anymore but I wouldn't mind a deep cleanse maybe once or twice a month but I don't want it to cause any new breakouts. I was thinking of getting this: http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/search/en/que...p;bc=b&os=0 Any general input, suggestions or anything about clay masks would be appreciated.
  3. Alcohol breaks down into sugar in the body over time, as someone said before...That's most likely the main reason why people break out from it aside from possibly being less hygienic when drunk, eating greasy foods when drunk(I know I love me some pizza when I'm drunk but I've been holding off lately) or forgetting to wash face before sleep or passing out late and not getting good sleep... After a night of partying, I usually see some kind of breakout. It really sucks but I feel it's worth the
  4. Yeah...That's where I saw myself earlier, car mirror and I couldn't believe it...And I know that's like the single worst possible lighting to judge yourself in but it also really shows the amount of acne/blemishes you have...My skin is also smooth, almost no bumps at all, just these red spots and I have some brown spots too...Some of them are just old marks from other acne which are fine and barely noticeable but some have literally just come up out of nowhere..I don't understand it...It may be
  5. Alright so I have mild/moderate acne(used to be mild, for whatever reason it's getting worse) and I need a recommendation...The type of acne I have is small red spots, mostly under the skin that literally just look like red marks...So it's not TOO bad but it's covering a decent amount of my face, mostly my left cheek...I was wondering if I should be using a AHA or a BHA or just something like cetaphil? I hear AHAs are the best for this type of acne, the small spots and will clear it up easily,
  6. Alright so I usually do a weekly exfoliation with a scrub, lately been using Anthony Logistics Men's Gel, or sometimes a glycolic acid product...What I find is that I have a lot of dead skin that is kind of stuck to my face afterwards and I have problems getting it off...What's the best way and most safe way to get it off your face and also, can it make you break out to have the left over dead skin on your face? I feel that over night my skin gets a little oily, enough to help the dead skin be r
  7. Alright, I've decided to call her on Saturday during the day(before she goes out)...only 4-5 days since i talked to her last, I was with her on Monday til like 4AM so I don't think it's waiting too long...Im gonna ask if she wants to go out on a week night somewhere..Still pretty nervous but I'm trying to have the attitude of "whats the worst that could happen"...if she says no, whatever, move on... I guess part of me is extra worried about rejection because I actually think this girl is nice a
  8. Yeah, I would do that but my weekend is booked...2 birthday parties to be at...I guess Sunday would be a possibility to take her out but I'll probably be pretty hungover and my skin and confidence is always a wreck the day after drinking, though it heals within a few days.. I'm also thinking dinner because I look and feel better at night and have more energy..unless she wants lunch I'm shooting for a dinner... you're right though, I gotta relax...I have suffered from very bad anxiety in the pas
  9. how long is too long though? im not gonna wait any longer than Monday but do you think it's weird to not talk to her for a week then call her and ask her to dinner? I mean I have a really busy weekend coming up and I guess I could just tell her that to make it look like I didn't forget about her or anything...cuz I'm not Or I just call Friday, ask her what shes up to this weekend, when she asks me I tell her I have a really busy weekend and then I see if she wants to have dinner next week..I ju
  10. so yeah i dont know if this really belongs here...i guess one of the factors of my problem is maybe having a little less self confidence because of my skin but...that's been a core problem of mine for a while...this is somewhat unrelated but im sure a lot of my general insecurities come from being self conscious about the way i look...however i still get plenty of girls, i just get really anxious about asking them out and stuff...i also get small amounts of hormonal acne whenever i meet a new gi
  11. surprised more people don't use this i spot treated last night and this morning, just put a thin layer over a few problem areas and it actually balanced out my skin moisture very well, made it not too oily and not dry either so I'm liking it so far...seems to just make my skin look overall more healthy which is nice but i'm hoping it will get rid of the marks how long does it take to usually see results on fading red/brown spots with this stuff?
  12. hey i am seeking some instruction on how to use aloe vera gel...i have some red and brown spots i wanted to try and fade...do i just put a thin layer of gel on the problem areas and wait over night or should i wash itoff?? or should i put it on my whole face and wash off? im guessing i just use it like a spot treatment and put a little amount on my marks and just sleep with it on overnight but i want to be sure also i have a few active pimples(2 or 3) and i was wondering if i put it on them wil