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  1. Здравейте, БГ доктор,

    thank you a lot for all that you are doing for the scar sufferers, including me. I would kindly ask if you could help me find a BG pro that actually practices in BG for treating acne scars - whether with autlogous blood transfer technique or another. thank you in advance

  2. Hi Jaden, Please excuse my late reply. I have been doing a bit of internet research regarding ultrasound massage skin therapy for the reduction of adipose tissue. I have primarily searched through online peer reviewed medical journals. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find any controlled studies regarding the use of 3-5 Mhz ultrasound massagers for facial contouring and fat reduction. Facial tissues are very delicate and thus when performing any specific treatment one must evaluate procedur
  3. I get all this checked out once or twice a year (sometimes even three times a year) because of another medication I'm on, and know that all my values is not only good, but excellent. I am actually so unhappy because of my scarring that I don't care if my body fails if I can't get rid of them. I couldn't care less about scientific method right now either. I am social recluse because of all this. Getting rid of the scarring and then have a body that fails, and all would have been in vain th
  4. First of all, I fully understand your plight. I am an acne scar sufferer myself. Second, I don't think you can speak for other people. If my advice doesn't influence you it doesn't mean it will not influence someone else. Third, I obviously cannot stop you from trying this method, just as you cannot stop me from informing people of real dangers. My concern is that many people who are anxious to get rid of their scars will act in an obsessive and indeed compulsive manner when attempting to t
  5. Yes I agree, you should all educate yourselves. Then you will have the knowledge to judge who is misinformed. Iodine deficiency can easily be tested for and corrected by healthy food choices. On the other hand, iodine poisoning from repeated multiple applications over large surface areas (especially with occlusion) for extended periods of time can lead to all kinds of systemic problems, even death. Iodine is an essential element that is utilized by the body for all kinds of biochemical proc
  6. I think a clarification is in order. The quotes that Hakuchibijin used in the above post refer to two different uses of iodine. Context is important and I'm going to clarify how I have used this substance in the past. The first quote is a reference to a post I made regarding hypertrophic growths on the nose of an acne.org member called BumpsNLumps. I told him/her that there was research that showed that DMSO and iodine can help soften and potentially dissolve fibrous tissues. I also warned hi
  7. Hi askin77, First and foremost, welcome to the forum. I am under the impression that you did not read the entire thread, because you seem to be confusing a few terms that have already been discussed at length. For one, you incorrectly equate fibroblasts and stem cells. You then seem to imply that the methodology discussed here would be ineffectual by tying it to what you perceive as the failures of fibroblast based products, traditional adipose transplantation and standalone PRP. All in all
  8. LOL, you wrote this as I was replying to your post... Anyway, it may be possible to reduce the fat deposits using an ultrasound massager and/or LED photo-bio-inhibition. I'll have a look at some peer reviewed literature to see if there is any reason to believe that my initial conjectures hold up. Bye for now.
  9. Hi Jaden, There are some generic procedures that may work, but they are dangerous and unpredictable to say the least. I may have an idea about to help you, but I have to do some research before I say more. I'll get back to you in a week the latest.
  10. Yes, in the hands of a skilled doctor who performs a combination of subcision, PRP and stem cells injections you're scars would significantly improve to the point where they would be unnoticable. You could probably get satisfactory improvement with a simpler procedure, but I'm a firm believer in the "overkill" philosophy. That's awesome. I'm glad you're happy. :)
  11. Hi Loulu77, I actually use adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells, although a small number of peripheral blood stem cells are also indirectly involved in the enhanced procedure I've been talking about. Hi heidi55, I'll PM you tomorrow and we'll go over a few things. Bye for now. I am very happy for you. :)
  12. Hi unknown, I am basically performing the very same procedure I described before. Long term I am considering the use of gene therapy (ie: Wnt pathway regulation), although this will be something that I will not incorporate commercially for at least another 3-5 years, if ever. After all, surprises in the form of new discoveries are almost always hidden behind every corner and they're revealed to us at an increasing pace, which makes it that much more difficult to accurately extrapolate current
  13. Hi BRD good to see you back here on the forum ... not to rush you or anything but i was just wondering roughly when i would be able to get those before and after photos of your patients. im trying to get a few derms and hammermith hospital here in the uk to have a look into this treatment for acne scars but it would be much more convincing with photos. thanks Hi v_singh, If you want my before and after photos then please wait until June of 2010. At that time it will have been a little o
  14. Hi Heidi55, I want to ask you if Dr. Khan performed ( a ) needling, ( b ) subcision and ( c ) PRP injections before transplanting the ADMSC. As I stated in a post 3 1/2 months ago (page 28, post #551), it is absolutely necessary that this be done, especially ( b ) and ( c ) in order to guide and confine the stem cells to the site of initial inflammation where they integrate themselves into the temporary platelet/coagulated blood scaffold. In other words, I do this in order to stimulate a regene