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  1. Loreal do a mineral foundation and it is amazing! I got it when it was £9.99 on introduction offer, think it is about 15.99 normally. But it is very good, covers everything and it is a powder so great for summer
  2. Thinking of anybody drinking any kind of vinegar makes me cringe. gross. I am not sure of the benifits of ACV. But I do know you can buy it in tablet form. So maybe this would be better
  3. I thought I would try out this concealer. It is cover girl - fresh look in the shade - neutral! Basically it is a bp but also a concealer. I think it would not be good to replace the bp on the regime with this. But for those mornings when you are in a rush and can not be bothered to wait for bp to dry before you put on makeup etc then this would be good as a replacement now and again. It is 10% so a little stronger! Its cute! When I say concealer it is a bit like a foundation just not the same
  4. I don't really use the word init when i speak, if i did my mum would kill me. English Sland, It is just fast to type lol! o and men can wear makeup, theres a male makeup range in boots. Thanx for replying people, glad that i am not the only one that feels this way! lou
  5. Well if i never had acne i'd score myself a generous 6 I know im not ugly, buy i'm not gorgeous! If i had my eyes biggend and a nicer body then i'd be happier but u just gotta learn to live with who u are. I thank god for makeup and hair products otherwise i seriously would be a 1 lol lou
  6. lol i'm assuming a collage major is like a uk degree, ba hons type thing I took Mathamatics! Its fun! lou x
  7. Hiya Ben! (jamin) lol ben ya jamin! My parents never really talk about my skin much, its not a hot topic for conversation. My mum did have bad skin when she was my age and hers is fine now, apart from the odd spot when shes stressed, normally with me lol. But when I went on accutance my mum came with me n that, i was unsure she said i should! If I am having a bad skin day my mum normally tells me , i'm like 'oh great!' but if my mum notices most people probably will, but im glad she is honest!
  8. Makeup makes me look human! Glad you know how i feel! I sometimes think mbe the makeup makes my skin worse, but i'll never know because i always wear it! lou x
  9. I was just thinking to myself that nobdoy ever see's me without makeup. My mum has occasionally, But i always wear foundation on. Thats quite sad init. If i dont have makeup on i feel so much more uglier. I know I am not pretty but if i had better skin then that would maybe make me look a little better. I just don't feel any confidence without makeup on. One time at uni, I woke up put makeup on, went for breakfast at cafeteria (im in catered accomidation) then went back to my room, washed it off
  10. I m in a really bad mood right now. I just got in and my skin looks so crap! I did the regime before, for a while and i used all the suggested products and it never seemed to work. I did try it for a while, So then i gave my skins a rest and never used any products such as bp, i only used cleasner, n my skin improved but now its bad again. I am so upset, cos hving bad skin makes me so ugly and it makes me paranoid people looking at my skin and i just get upset. There are some girls who sit
  11. So does any1 have any suggestions? lou
  12. Yes I am from the uk, Sunny today My problem area is face only, and i get occasional spots on my neck but they dont scare. My back is completly clear. I have moderate acne, y worse area for spots is around my mouth and jawline. I have a few pimples on my foreheard but not noticable, and I have a few scars on my cheek. But mainly chin and jawline quite bad. My skin has never really been really oily, But not dry either, well now i am doing the regime my skin is a little dry and can be flaky.