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  1. I can always count on this board for a good laugh. It's rife with neuroticism lol.
  2. If your skin is oily, I don't see why you'd want to add extra moisture with an oily. Maybe those people are dry, acne prones. My skin is combo and I don't use moisturizer. I don't think it would help with acne, the opposite is more likely.
  3. I don't know which did it, but after my colon cleanse I couldn't go to the bathroom for 4 days, and when I could finally go I had hard large poops (sorry if this is grossing you out) and they caused fissures. Then, after a couple days of that I got diarrhea and the fissures are still here. I bleed a little when I poop. Anyone else had this experience?
  4. I've been doing much better than I used to, with many minor mistakes here and there but today I just totally lost it. I looked in the mirror and felt that my skin looked like shit so I decided to fuck everything and pigged out on all the stuff I was trying to eliminate to be acne-free (gluten, dairy, and soy). I ate all of this: 3 mozzarella cheese rolls dipped in tobasco sauce 1/2 of an angel food cake and a couple handfuls of m+m's =( I didnt really enjoy them either and I feel worse now. Ev
  5. Ok, So I've been eating healthier the last two days, but I haven't kept up the bargain. My dad bought a package of yummy Dove milk chocolates and I've been going crazy with those. Im going to get back on track tomorrow=).
  6. Sorry but I noticed that you take 150 mg of zinc-that's not a good idea. It is bad for your body to go over 100 mg a day. Even 90 mg a day has been shown to increase risk for cancer. I only take 50 mg a day, and it works great. Just a warning=)
  7. I've been having trouble with blackheads for the past year or so. I have TONS of them. They are darkish brown, and you can actually see them poking out a little on my forehead, it's disgusting. Nothing I do (topically) seems to help. I've decided I need to fight the cause internally. After doing some research, I found that eating foods that cause an insulin surge cause an excess of male hormones that stimulate skin to discharge lots of sebum, which leads to blackheads. So I've decided to really