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  1. After some research I identify the exact look of my scar...is a: sebaceous hyperplasia. Is has the same roundish- minivolcano shape that some google images.
  2. I got a big pimple about more than a year ago on the front of the nose. Trying to squeeze it (big mistake, I know), It left a raised scar instead of a hole. Is there a solution to reduce the size of the raised scar? I don't want to try chemical peels ( I don't have the skin for: sensitive and tanned brown-latino)and I don't know if a micro-dermabrasion on the nose is a safe beat. It isn't a big scar, but I can't be noticeable when I lean down my head. It is really hard to not touch the scar, bec
  3. Glad to see that subcision work for you. But could you elaborate a little more about your treatement? How much time did you space your four subcision? By the way, I will very pleased if you comment my situation (thinking of doing subcision) in my topic. It's just listed below. Thanks!
  4. A doctor recommend me Artecoll injections. Personnally, permanent fillers are in the bottom of my list. what are your experience with Artecoll?
  5. BUMP! May I have an opinion from the regulars here? I'm living in montreal. Is subcision available in the Quebec State?
  6. The picture you submitted isn't very clear. By the way, how is going for your subcision? I'm actually thinking of doing this in a near future.
  7. and how is your face actually? Is it full of redness? When I pull my fronthead , the scars actually seems to disappear. Is that a good sign that my skin could respond well to the treatement? By the way, thanks to clearing me about the type of scar that I got. It's very confusing searching the web for precise examples. Last but not least: The price? I'm actually living at Montreal, Canada. Does someone know a Dr. in my city practicing subcision?
  8. I'm lucky to find a site who is not biased by surgical miracles. I want to discuss about the kind of acne scar I got, and how to improve my skin. I'm totally sure that it wont totally disappear, and I actually believe that it's ''normal'' to have some scars in the face. But there is sometimes when I'm obsessed by some old photos, like this one, per exemple, showing my forehead scars at its worst. Picture If you need more picture for best indication of my scars, please tell me. Actually i t